Fun Facts about Online Entertainment in the Philippines

Compared to nearby Southeast Asian countries who are more focused on business and technology, Filipino netizens are usually online for entertainment purposes. Try to scan the browsers of Philippine-based users and you’ll see lots of websites with good entertainment value.

WeChat in Boracay for LABORacay!

WeChat in Boracay for LABORacay!

Here are some of the topics covered on the internet culture of Filipinos. Majority of the active users are university students and yuppies aged 16-24 and know why social media apps like WeChat have become influences as to why our gadgets like desktops, tablets and smartphones have replaced TV and radio as amusement favorites.

1. The Superstar Reflex

– Newsfeeds on several social networking sites are dominated by showbiz chismis. Whether this controversial star does something good or bad, Pinoy fans love to gossip. I should know because I’m guilty about it 😛 55% of WeChat users go online to get access to photos, videos and updates from their favorite (and least liked) personalities.

2. The Political Brainwave

– Broadsheets and television networks have online versions of their reports. It is the reason why users tend to express themselves regarding socio-political issues. With just one click, their voices will be heard by thousands of people.

3. Adventure Hormones

– It’s summertime in the Philippines! With this fact alone, it is already expected that Pinoys will go straight to the nearby beach to take a plunge. Some would party on festivals such as Bangus Festival in Dagupan City and Pahiyas Festival in Quezon. Expect loads of #LABORacay updates to dominate your feeds!

4. The Beauty Bone

– Beauty tips and materials related to vanity are now accessible through the internet. With tons of beauty bloggers and enthusiasts sharing tips and information, women do talk about it more online. Some WeChat users are into this topic, but more for their furry pets like cats and dogs. Pet grooming for cats and dogs, anyone?

5. Nerves of Speed

– Events such as Manila International Auto Show are big in the Philippines because Pinoys naturally love classic cars like this Silverado SS for sale found on ZeMotor.

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