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Krrunch Time in Uniquely Singapore with Nuffnang!

It’s been almost a week since I and the rest of the Nuffnang PH bloggers left the country for Singapore to attend the first-ever Nuffnang Blog Awards. It was a very memorable and extraordinary experience for all of us and to be honest, I am still overwhelmed with the whole experience.

Nuffies as Cyborgs at Singapore Flyer

Nuffies as Cyborgs at Singapore Flyer

I never taught that this actually happened. I just feel so blessed that I was able to spend the weekend at Singapore with free airfare, accommodation and tour! Spending more quality with your friends in a foreign land and making friends with other people made it extra special.

Anyway, I have too many things in mind to blog about in relation to this trip. I am still stunned everytime a co-blogger tags our photos together. I want to write a blog entry about our day to day experience, but its not enough so for now, I’ll be showing you a short preview through photos grabbed from my marvelous and gorgeous photographer friends:

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Indulge in Uniquely Singapore!

Singapore is one of the Asian countries that I would love to visit. Actually, some of my friends were inviting me to visit one of the most disciplined countries in Asia. The plan never pushed through because I am sort of lazy to renew my passport, which expired in 1999 (Ten years ago! LOL).

Uniquely Singapore

Just last month, the same set of friends were forcing me to renew my passport so that we can easily go to Singapore. Well, why not? Singapore is merely three hours away from the Philippines and I’ve seen a lot of tourist spots and activities that I can do there with my friends! And yes, Nuffnang will have their first Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore where my dear nyok friend Jehzlau is nominated in the Most Influential Blog Category. Going to Singapore to gallivant and witness your friend’s shining shimmering splendid moment with some of the most respected bloggers in Asia is simply priceless, right?

So there. Just a few hours ago, I searched for some of the interesting spots and activities in Singapore online and created my own dream Singapore itinerary! Curious to see what I really, really want to do in Singapore? Well, Read on and I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!

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