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Life and Sunsets

Last week was a pretty tough week for me. No, I didn’t have any direct problems nor caused one. There are just some things in life that you cannot really control. Life is not a computer program where you can debug when you encounter some errors. It is not a full-length movie where you can edit out some parts that you find dragging. Life is a gift that we are lucky to have, no matter how happy or down we are feeling at the moment.

Manila Bay Sunset (January 2010)

I’ve been pushing myself to write a decent blog post or a short screenplay for that matter. I end up trying to figure out what I should be blogging about. I am eager to blog about my UK Trip, but recent events made me temporarily loose that happy momentum. It will be back one day. I just don’t need to force it. I also found some of my unfinished screenplays and I’m thinking of rewriting one that I started three years ago. The story is quite applicable to what is happening around me now. I can impart more justice to my main character.

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Writing the Right Stuff (Yet another random post)

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am here right now blogging live from my room at 6:35AM. I am not yet sleepy and i don’t have any plans of sleeping. My body wants to lie down and enter dreamland while my mind is telling me to write the right stuff in order to turn my dream into reality.

Playing with Words

I write for a living. I write for a tabloid, I write in my blogs and I write screenplays hoping to be recognized one day. I live because i write. I believe that it is the only medium i can freely express myself. I am not a ‘showy’ person and i am not even vocal in real life. I think i only have the power to make someone i love feel special when i write something about him/her.

I have a lot of draft posts found in my dashboard and i really can’t figure out why i can’t finish most of them. There’s a blog entry about my grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary, my future travel plans and other personal stuff. As much as possible, i would like to keep my Micamyx blog as personal as possible. I would like to put all travel-related posts in Senyorita, but i keep on going back here T_T. The funny thing there is i am the one imposing my own rules and i end up disappointing myself.

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When a Sleepy Head Doodles

Even if i have a laptop with me where i can keep soft copies of my thoughts, i still keep a number of notebooks with me. Ever since I was in elementary, I have this habit of reusing some of my school notebooks for doodling. If ever you saw a notebook with my name on it but there’s no doodle at the back, most probably that is not mine.

After the surprise kiddie party my friends prepared for me on my twenty third birthday, i managed to write a doodle on my ‘notebook of the month’. With my red ballpen that I use for proofreading, i wrote some of the things i want to do now that i am 23 years old. There’s something special about turning twenty three and i can’t really explain why. I remember a blogger friend from Livejournal telling me when I was 18 that my 23rd year in planet earth will be a very exciting one. I won’t tell on which specific part of my life that will be, but your guess is as good as mine.

Want to see the doodle? Ok here it is LOL:

Sleepy Mica Doodles

(Forgive me with my poor penmanship. I iz sleepy LOL)

What I wrote there is not arranged in chronological order, but let me explain every point LOL.

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