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Random Random Random


  • The past week was pretty hectic yet fun. I finally landed a semi-full time job somewhere at United Nations. Why semi-full time? I am only required to be seen visibly at the office three times a week and I can do the rest of the tasks at home. I have to admit that my body needs to adjust with the schedule, but I’m really ok with it. New ideas, new tasks, new environment means more learning and more fun!
  • I read a number of comments from different bloggers who are eager to see Kuya Bunso, the first ever blogger film written, produced and directed by yours truly. I am also excited as much as everyone is, but errr.. we haven’t transferred the tapes yet LOL. Sorry na 😀
  • I attended two blogger events for a cause – the first one has something to do with our environment and the other one has something to do with cervical cancer. I am glad that companies and organizations are now tapping bloggers in raising awareness on certain issues like what I mentioned. Blog entries will be posted anytime this week.
  • Top bloggers Coy Caballes, Fritz Tentativa and Winston Almendras made us proud with their talk at the Mensa Day last Sunday at Fully Booked. The three good-looking and talented guys deserve a round of applause and standing ovation (parang Rihanna song lang LOL). I will post a blog entry and some videos soon.
  • I’ll be going back home to Dagupan City on Thursday and I might attend the SEO/SEM Workshop at Urdaneta City University on Friday. This is my chance to meet some of my kababayans who are actually doing well on this field. I am also eager to hear Ms. Janette Toral and Mr. Gary Viray talk in Pangasinan. It’s my first time in four months to go back home.
  • I’ve been having some emo moments lately which usually lasts for 30 minutes. Is that weird? I think not. The phone call with my mom the last time made me burst into tears at a public place, but I laughed out loud after hearing Carlo sing a Christmas song at the background. EMO MOMENT FAIL!