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‘A Moment in Time’ with Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Star Cinema is the rom-com giant of the Philippine movie industry. They were able to produce a number of patterned films that make hopeless romantics like me get kilig while sitting inside the cinema.

'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Coco Martin and Julia Montes spreading the kilig in the LRT

I was able to catch the movie ‘A Moment in Time‘ with my friend Maki earlier. ABS-CBN’s Walang Hanggan is undeniably the most successful teleserye of 2012. It’s about time to test the box-office  movie charisma of the Coco Martin and Julia Montes loveteam! If I remember it right, the original target showing date of A Moment in Time is somewhere between March and April. The third John Lloyd-Sarah film is not yet finished that’s why the producers decided to screen the Coco-Julia film for the love month.

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The Reunion – The Rebirth of Barkada Movies

Just finished watching the movie ‘The Reunion‘ under Star Cinema. The new barkada movie features four of ABS-CBN’s fast-rising leading men namely Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano and Enchong Dee. To spice things up, beautiful ladies Jessy Mendiola, Megan Young, Bangs Garcia and Julia montes are included in the cast. Cristine Reyes also had a short but important appearance in the film.

The Reunion – Are barkada movies finally back for good?

Before Star Cinema became the Rom-Com Hub of Philippine movies, they used to produce a number of barkada films. Even Viva and Regal have some barkada movies under their belt (Thanks to TGIS and GIMIK barkada, I guess LOL). It is nice to know that Star Cinema came up with this film and what made it more special is the fact that they featured a lot of Eraserheads songs in the movie.

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