‘A Moment in Time’ with Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Star Cinema is the rom-com giant of the Philippine movie industry. They were able to produce a number of patterned films that make hopeless romantics like me get kilig while sitting inside the cinema.

'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Coco Martin and Julia Montes spreading the kilig in the LRT

I was able to catch the movie ‘A Moment in Time‘ with my friend Maki earlier. ABS-CBN’s Walang Hanggan is undeniably the most successful teleserye of 2012. It’s about time to test the box-office  movie charisma of the Coco Martin and Julia Montes loveteam! If I remember it right, the original target showing date of A Moment in Time is somewhere between March and April. The third John Lloyd-Sarah film is not yet finished that’s why the producers decided to screen the Coco-Julia film for the love month.

Under the direction of Emmanuel Palo, the movie was shot in Manila, Amsterdam and Paris. I can’t help but feel envious of the artists and crew involved in this project. They get to visit some parts of Europe with pay!


'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes



Where do I start? ‘A Moment in Time’ is a story of two people from different backgrounds – there’s Patrick Javier, a young painter who does multiple jobs just to earn a living and support his young sister’s education. The girl is Jillian Linden, a rich girl who doesn’t have enough friends and only finds solace when she plays the violin. The two main characters met in the LRT. Patrick instantly fell in love with Jillian the moment he saw her. Desperate to meet his ‘new inspiration’, he then made mural paintings of her. She saw it and the two were eventually introduced to each other. This time, in the elevator of the building owned by Jillian’s dad. Patrick was there to deliver food (salamat sa Max Restaurant teehee).


'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes


The more they get to know each other, the more they fall in love. They found love and comfort in each other’s arms. There’s a twist in the story which caused Patrick to get mad at Jillian (Coco Martin is really good in playing characters with ‘Anger Management’ problems toinks). Because of the unfortunate turn of events, Jillian chose to move on by flying to Amsterdam and pursue a master’s degree. After two years, the former lovebirds meet again and yeah, just watch the movie and you’ll know more!

While watching, I can’t help but get kilig on how Patrick tries to win Jillian’s heart. Coco Martin’ character is close to being an obsessed person, but his charm is just irresistible! Julia Montes is now passable as a movie actress. She may be young (she’s turning 18 this coming March), but she can pull of a matured character. There’s even this one scene where she was the one who made the first move to kiss the man of her dreams. That is a good surprise.


'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes


I find some of the Manila scenes a bit dragging. Maybe I’m just excited to see more European scenes. When you’re not traveling, watching films like these will automatically transport you to another place even just for two hours. I love the scenes where they showed Patrick and Jillian’s life in separate occasions in Amsterdam. Gabby Concepcion looked good together as the parents of the leading lady (finally, Cherie Gil is not a villain to Sharon Cuneta!). I’m glad I watched this movie with a gal pal. We even giggled when we saw the part where Patrick and Jillian were taking souvenir pics with the Eifel Tower as their background. Why? The fog. Fail.

'A Moment in Time' Coco Martin and Julia Montes

The movie made me think if it is possible to make a Filipino film (mainstream and indie) about two Pinoy backpackers exploring some parts of Europe by train. I wonder if any actor will dare to go on a skiing holiday. Wah, when will my dream Eurotrip happen? I am not rushing anyway.

‘A Moment in Time’ also produced a number of quotable quotes. Here are some of them:

“Love can either make you or break you and as I can see, he’s breaking you apart.” – Karen Linden

“Kung mahal mo, mahalin mo. Kung di mo gusto, tigilan mo. Wag mong saktan yung tao.” – Bodjie

“Ganon ba talaga ‘yon? kapag nasaktan ka, may karapatan ka na din manakit ng iba?” – Jillian

“Nice to see you.. and I hope, it will be the last”- Jillian

Catch ‘A Moment in Time’ in your favorite theaters nationwide. I can say this is a feel-good film worth your time.

Have you seen the movie ‘A Moment in Time’? What are your thoughts about it?


2 thoughts on “‘A Moment in Time’ with Coco Martin and Julia Montes

  1. Iris

    Julia Montes looks older than her age while Coco Martin looks young for his age. They look good together and their on-screen chemistry is just so good.

    I could see a young Claudine Baretto in Julia. She has some resemblance with Scarlett Johannson, too.

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Iris – We have the same observation 😀 I think Julia is the next big star of ABS-CBN. She can do bida and kontrabida roles din just like Claudine. I’m looking forward to the Daniel-Kathryn movie na showing next week although for now, parang Marvin-Jolina ang peg nila dahil bagets na bagets pa ang look hehe


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