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Why I Will Never Forget 2009

Wow. It’s 2010 already? I can’t believe that I am now trying my very best to write a blog entry about 2009. I remember writing my 2008 Year Ender post the other year with some disappointments related to my career (Being jobless at Christmas Day gives you a week of weakness, I swear!). I thought it’s the end of the world for me (uhm, not really. I’m a fighter, baby!). I am happy to inform you though that I started 2009 with much enthusiasm and ended it with a big smile on my face.

January 2009 - Kuya Bunso Cast and Crew

January 2009 - Kuya Bunso Cast and Crew

It was in January where I finally decided to push through with my passion in film making. With the script I worked on during my stay at Sinelab, I managed to talk to some of my blogger friends to help me out with my first film entitled Kuya Bunso. With Jehzeel and Cai and the rest of the Nyoks, I did push through with my first film in a limited budget. I really can’t believe I was able to write, produce and direct the film. I wanted to join a short film festival that time, but I didn’t anticipate the fact that post-production is the most expensive and time-consuming part. My 24 minute debut film made me cry when i first saw it. I mean, yeah. I really cried T_T. I owned a new phone too and took a lot of camwhore pics with the nyoks. I bought a lot of domains that month which proved that i am an impulsive domain buyer lolz 😛

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