Micamyx @ 2008 – The Journey of a Dagupena Dreamer


2008 was a fruitful year for me. It was the year where I discovered a lot of things about the corporate world, creative writing and the blogging community. It was the year where I learned to let go and appreciate the other side of the world.


It was in January 2008 wherein I accepted a lot of problogging gigs and at the same time bombarded my i.ph blog with some product reviews. I also accepted an offer to write in a number of fan blogs. It was the first time that I stepped in the Robinson’s Indiesine to support the film Condo and guess who accompanied me watch the movie? My grandmother. We did see the R-18 movie Selda the next month.


I basically spent most of my January with my brother, Carlo. We listened to music, saw a number of movies, ate a lot of food, took lots of pictures and more.

February is the month of letting go. Carlo and Ate Virgie were accompanied by my grandfather to England. Carlo was welcomed by my mom and by her friends. My dear cute brother is currently enrolled in a special school and he was tagged as “the boy with the sweetest smile”.

I spent my February watching more independent films (Endo, Roxxxanne, Selda and Ang Lihim ni Antonio) and spent the 14th day of February with my girl friends Kenjo and Lecel at Katrina Halili’s Lingerie Show at Serve Bar Araneta. I started blogging about my personal recounts with love and autism via the blog Missing Carlo. I was emotional all throughout the month.

March is a month of writing. I attended the 7th Sinelab Basic Scriptwriting workshop. I learned a lot from the workshop and found out that I can be a good teleserye writer LOL. I renewed my friendship with Jade Lopez and consistently went with her at the taping of Kaputol ng Isang Awit where I met Glaiza de Castro, Isabel Granada, Tuesday Vargas, Lovi Poe and the late Marky Cielo.  I was also worried on where will I spent the holy week. I ended up joining Jade’s family in Tanauan, Batangas. I am lucky to find a second mom in the person of Tita Dida.

I attended my first premiere night for an indie film last April. It was for the movie “Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa” by Will Fredo. I met the lead actors Josh Deocareza and Marcus Madrigal. It was the month where I actively blogged at Missing Carlo and he also turned thirteen years old. Figaro Gateway became my favorite spot in the world. I attended the Spot.Ph food tour at Trinoma, Boni High and Serendra. Met a lot of bloggers at iBlog4 and 88db Night for Bloggers. It was the first time I cried in front of two bloggers haha 😀

May is the month when I officially turned twenty one. I attended a lot of blog events and learned more on SEO through the healthy but cute friend of mine named Jehzeel. I discovered Goya Dark Mint (thanks to AJ!) and I found out that there is free wifi at Krispy Kreme.Bagyong Cosme destroyed a lot of properties at my hometown.  Based on my entries, errr… I was Emo that month due to my bus trips to Dagupan and Manila alone.

At June, I was thinking of pursuing a teaching career at Dagupan when a blogger friend discouraged me. I then received an important call asking me stuff about Web Marketing and the caller eventually became my boss. I wrote a post about me wanting to be bad-but errr… haha the article made me laugh just now LOL. I attended a number of blog events and met more people. My lovable cousin Melvin went back home. I wrote a blog entry on why I want to go to Palawan in order to win tickets from SEAIR. It was also the month wherein I decided that I want to stay in Manila and pursue a career.

By July, I was officially employed as a Web Marketing Specialist. I panicked with the requirements . Thank God the plurkers helped me out by answering my queries. I attended a number of blog and social events. I attended a workshop under Ms. Janette Toral for the first time. I also learned the “art of pushing” at the MRT.  I also realized that my father is four years dead.

August was a month of success for me. Missing Carlo, a blog dedicated to my brother, was recognized as one of the Ten Influential Blogs of 2008 by Digital Filipino. It feels great to be noticed and appreciated through a blog that is really close to my heart. I also organized the Belo Open House for Bloggers and I was indeed happy with the positive feedback through the blog entries and plurks of the attendees.

September is a month full of mixed everythings hehe :D. I attended blog events that had something to do with creating your own pizza, meeting other single individuals and the wordcamp 2008. It was my first time to attend the Philippine Blog Awards 2008. I was forced by Jehzlau to vote for Batang Yagit, but I voted for Coy hehehe 😀 I did a lot of Belo-related stuff and yes, my wallet was stolen! Grrrr.

October is a month of videoke. I went to Centerstage twice (For the Marketing Party and Blogger’s Videoke Night). It was the month wherein I became an official member of the Patay Gutom group blog. I was fortunate enough to witness two of the shows during the Philippine Fashion Week. I finally solved one of the problems I had in Dagupan. My grannies celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.  I also attended the Digital Filipino Manila Networking Night and entered PAGCOR for the first time. I also went to a number of Plurkfiestas and had fun with the bloggers in a sexy black themed party.


The Belo Corporate Blog , one of my Belo babies, won as the Best Corporate Blog at the Digital Filipino Web Awards last November. I attended a number of parties with bloggers and officemates. Belo Essentials launched two new products together with two powerful celebrity endorsers. I actively blogged at Showbiz Gossips . I also blogged about the Nyok syndrome.

December is a kalurkey month in terms of family, career and life in general. I also launched a tech blog as suggested by my tech blogger friends. Spent the first week of the month with a big smile on my face and was confused at the third week. I partnered up with Winston for the Pinoy Fans Club project. I also joined the first ever Plurklakbayan and decided to work on a project that was put on hold because of my day job.

Wow. I had a very productive 2008! What’s in store for me this year? What will be my next career move? Will I launch another blog? Will I venture into other things? Will Mama and Carlo still stay in England? Will I finally get a boyfriend this year?

Let’s be positive and live the dream this 2009. Goodluck to all of us! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Micamyx @ 2008 – The Journey of a Dagupena Dreamer

  1. Sexy Nomad

    Mica, I’m so proud of you! You accomplished so many things last year and I bet you’re gonna do a lot more this year. Congratulations and good luck to a more fruitful and blessed year ahead! Kudos! 🙂

  2. Ada

    Summary lang ito Mica, kulang pa yan 😆 Sipag mu talaga gurl, hilig mu talaga magsulat noh, baligtad tayu wee!

    And yes, launch more blog for a productive blogging years, and you should get a BF na. :p Nga pala, nakapunta ka na ba ng Palawan from SEAIR?

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Az – More power sa atin lahat! more events weee 😀

    @Janette Toral – Thank you so much for guiding me last 2008. Dami ko po natutunan sa inyo 🙂

    @Ada – Oo kulang pa hehe. Two days ko din ginawa yung post hehe sana dumami pa blogs at magka-lovelife na talaga hehe. Yung Palawan trip ala pa

    @Sexy Nomad- Thank you so much! Happy meeting you last year (finally!)

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Jehzlau – Oo healthy friend hehe dahil sayo bumalik ang gana ko na kumain ng madami hehe para ka din kasing si Carlo na healthy brother ko naman 😀

    Mabuhay mga PG at mga nyokers!! weee 😀

  5. Micamyx Post author

    @Hannah – Oo gawa ka na hehe gusto ko mabasa yung moment na nanood tayo ng Bolt to TMX to ahemmmm alam mo na! LOL

    @Winston – Ang mga Nyokers ang pag-asa ng bayan! (rock)


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