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My 7th Trip to Cebu City

Whenever there are seat sales or anything, the first place that pops in my mind is Cebu. There are many factors on why I keep on going back to Cebu and it’s becoming an addiction. Like what I mentioned in my previous post, my trip to Cebu last weekend is my 7th in one year.

Micamyx @ Be Resorts - Relaxed and Happy :)

Micamyx @ Be Resorts - Relaxed and Happy πŸ™‚

So how did my solo trip to Cebu go? (Yes, solo flight again!). I took the earliest Cebu Pacific flight to Cebu last Friday and went straight to Crowne Garden Hotel to sleep. I woke up at around 1PM and went immediately to Ayala Mall Cebu to meet up with Tito Gerry. We went to Casa Verde for my late lunch (it’s his first time there LOL) and we were able to bond and talk about my great grandfather, who is a renowned doctor of leprosy here in the Philippines. Want to know who he is? Clue: Tala Leprosarium. We rarely had the chance to bond in the past family reunions. I’m happy that we were able to share stories and learn from each other. I originally planned to meet up with two more relatives of mine, but errr… they’re too busy. Maybe next time ^_^

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Weekend Trip in Cebu City (again!)

Where did I spend my much-deserved weekend laag last week?The answer is Cebu City! Who would have thought that I went to Sugbu thrice last year?

I originally planned to attend the Sinulog Festival 2010, but I booked on the wrong weekend 😐 As usual, my weekend trip to Cebu is full of food, adventure and fun!

More Reasons to Love Cebu! :D

More Reasons to Love Cebu! πŸ˜€

I am still organizing my thoughts as I type this summary post about my Cebu Trip together with Bong and Winston. Here’s a little preview on what to expect in this blog, in Senyorita and in Patay Gutom:

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The First PBA ’09 Visayas Awards Night

My third time in Cebu is very memorable and should I say ‘historical’ because I witnessed the first ever Philippine Blog Awards ’09 Visayas Leg last October 19 at Ayala City Sports, Cebu City. The event was well-attended by Cebu-based bloggers, PBA Organizers, volunteers, press and media from the Queen City of the South.

PBA '09 Visayas Leg - Major Success!

PBA '09 Visayas Leg - Major Success!

Ada and I booked a flight to Cebu last month via Zestair (and I regret my choice of airline LOL). We originally wanted to go to Cebu then take an hour ride to Bohol for Saturday and go back to the City by Sunday morning to attend the awards night at the evening. Plans changed due to the weather reports and lack of funds πŸ˜›

Our first day in Cebu with some of our Manila blogger friends is made of pure win. I got the chance to patch up with Pangga couple Hana and Markku, who were my former workmates (that deserves another blog entry hehe). We got the chance to gallivant around the city and visit Talisay, Kuya Markku’s hometown.

Let’s go back to the awards night πŸ˜› After eating our lunch at Mooon Cafe, Ada, Winston, Van and I went to the venue to simply check the place. We went back to our hotel room at Sampaguita Suites to sleep (yes, sleeping in Cebu is a great experience! haha). We dressed up at around 5pm and went straight to Ayala City Sports for the awards night.

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