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Is Grandparent’s Day Really Important?

Here in the Philippines, it is a tradition for us to greet our loving moms a happy mother’s day at the second sunday of May. We also do greet our dads a happy father’s day on the second sunday of June. Usually, we give them gifts or we make them special on the said dates.

Me and my grandparents at Boracay - Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! :D

Me and my grandparents at Boracay - Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! 😀

I am not really sure if it is only me, but I only heard of the Grandparents’ Day a few years ago. I remember my grandmother telling me that I failed to greet her that day. I am not sure if it the special day was celebrated by families way back or if it is just a newly-imposed holiday by businessmen to attract more customers at the second sunday of September.

If you think that I am whining about it, well, you’re wrong. Making my grandparents happy is a big fulfillment for me and believe me, I’ve been wanting to pamper them since I was a young girl. I remember telling my lolo as a kid that I will give him a plane ticket once I grow up. I even told him that I’ll be a stewardess LOL. He gave me, my mom and dad a chance to go to Hongkong when I was yonger. It’s about time that I return the favor.

Ever since I became a member of the stressed workforce of Makati last year, I always see to it that I spend time with them whenever they are here in Manila. Lolo and Lola usually goes here at least once a month. I have to admit that I’ve been very stressed with my previous work in terms of the work schedule, but a quick breakfast or late dinner is something that I always look forward to. I see to it that I have time for them.

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SEAIR Increases Flights to Caticlan!


Two months ago, I went to Boracay with my grandparents and high school bestfriend. We got the chance to try a lot of activities like Snorkling and Reef Walking among others. Thanks to SEAIR for the round trip ticket to Manila and Caticlan.

Guess what? I am going back to Boracay sometime in September! I’ll be going back with some of my blogger friends. We are going there because SEAIR increases flights to Caticlan! Want to learn more? Read on…

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Random Whispers of a Good Friend

* I wasn’t able to sleep well last night because I recorded a song with The Singing Blogger. How? Well, I recorded my voice first and sent the audio file to him. After an hour of editing, we were able to produce our own rendition of Careless Whisper. The idea of having a duet started when I voted for his blog as one of the emerging influential blogs of 2009. We have a number of songs in mind for our duet, but we decided to record the George Micheal/Tamia hit since a blogger sent the instrumental version to him. Nice! 😀

* My grandfather called me up this morning informing me about our hotel booking for Boracay. He was a bit worried and was indirectly blaming me for something. In short, FAIL. I need to look for a good hotel as soon as possible or else i’m dead 😐

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