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Is Grandparent’s Day Really Important?

Here in the Philippines, it is a tradition for us to greet our loving moms a happy mother’s day at the second sunday of May. We also do greet our dads a happy father’s day on the second sunday of June. Usually, we give them gifts or we make them special on the said dates.

Me and my grandparents at Boracay - Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! :D

Me and my grandparents at Boracay – Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! 😀

I am not really sure if it is only me, but I only heard of the Grandparents’ Day a few years ago. I remember my grandmother telling me that I failed to greet her that day. I am not sure if it the special day was celebrated by families way back or if it is just a newly-imposed holiday by businessmen to attract more customers at the second sunday of September.

If you think that I am whining about it, well, you’re wrong. Making my grandparents happy is a big fulfillment for me and believe me, I’ve been wanting to pamper them since I was a young girl. I remember telling my lolo as a kid that I will give him a plane ticket once I grow up. I even told him that I’ll be a stewardess LOL. He gave me, my mom and dad a chance to go to Hongkong when I was yonger. It’s about time that I return the favor.

Ever since I became a member of the stressed workforce of Makati last year, I always see to it that I spend time with them whenever they are here in Manila. Lolo and Lola usually goes here at least once a month. I have to admit that I’ve been very stressed with my previous work in terms of the work schedule, but a quick breakfast or late dinner is something that I always look forward to. I see to it that I have time for them.

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