Is Grandparent’s Day Really Important?

Here in the Philippines, it is a tradition for us to greet our loving moms a happy mother’s day at the second sunday of May. We also do greet our dads a happy father’s day on the second sunday of June. Usually, we give them gifts or we make them special on the said dates.

Me and my grandparents at Boracay - Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! :D

Me and my grandparents at Boracay – Because life is a pleasure with you by my side! πŸ˜€

I am not really sure if it is only me, but I only heard of the Grandparents’ Day a few years ago. I remember my grandmother telling me that I failed to greet her that day. I am not sure if it the special day was celebrated by families way back or if it is just a newly-imposed holiday by businessmen to attract more customers at the second sunday of September.

If you think that I am whining about it, well, you’re wrong. Making my grandparents happy is a big fulfillment for me and believe me, I’ve been wanting to pamper them since I was a young girl. I remember telling my lolo as a kid that I will give him a plane ticket once I grow up. I even told him that I’ll be a stewardess LOL. He gave me, my mom and dad a chance to go to Hongkong when I was yonger. It’s about time that I return the favor.

Ever since I became a member of the stressed workforce of Makati last year, I always see to it that I spend time with them whenever they are here in Manila. Lolo and Lola usually goes here at least once a month. I have to admit that I’ve been very stressed with my previous work in terms of the work schedule, but a quick breakfast or late dinner is something that I always look forward to. I see to it that I have time for them.

Let me share to you some of our random photos taken from different places and events:

Lolo and Lola at Healthy Shabu Shabu

Lolo and Lola at Healthy Shabu Shabu

Lolo and Lola at Healthy Shabu-Shabu (August 2008) – After working on my first ever blogger event, I immediately asked my grandparents if they want to try out the Shabu-shabu place in SM Mall of Asia. My lolo actually hates going there because of our traumatic parking lot experience during its opening LOL. Thank God he liked the idea and drove from North to South. I got the gift certificate from the blog event of Healthy Shabu-Shabu. They told me that they’ve tried Shabu-Shabu before, but it is the first time they cooked it right. I shared what I learned from the blog event I attended and I am happy that they enjoyed it.

Lolo and Lola at Kaya Restaurant

Lolo and Lola at Kaya Restaurant

Lolo and Lola sweet over Gelato

Lolo and Lola sweet over Gelato


Lolo and Lola at Kaya Korean Restaurant (July 2009) – Last June 2009, I was invited together with some food bloggers at the Only You event at Kaya Korean Restaurant where I finally tasted the popular ‘Talangkanin’. The dish is inspired from the Philippine adaptation of Only You starred by Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo. As a certified Kapamilya and Angel Locsin fanatic, I invited the lovers (hihi) for dinner at Kaya Megamall branch. Like a young couple, they were sweet and I am happy that they liked the dish. They even recommended the place to some fo our relatives. I just smiled when I asked them to do a ‘kilig’ pose for my blog. Check the second pic hehe πŸ˜€

Lolo and Lola - Celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary this October!

Lolo and Lola – Celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary this October!

Paquita and Peping in Boracay for the first time

Paquita and Peping in Boracay for the first time

SPENDING INDEPENDENCE WEEKEND at BORACAY (June 2009) – I am really proud of this one. Last year, I won six roundtrip tickets from SEAIR. Originally, its for Palawan. I want to go to Palawan with them since it is a special place to my grandfather (especially Cullion). He was just twenty years old when he last  stepped in the place. My great grand father was once assigned there to help cure the lepers who were designated at the island. I will explain further once I step on the place myself.

Anyway, Lolo and Lola liked the idea of going to Boracay since they’ve never been there. Thank God we landed at the Caticlan airport with my high school best friend Maire. Though the place is a bit far, my lola exerted extra effort just to go with us. I can see the glow and happiness on their faces when we met up again at the afternoon beside the beach (I stayed at a separate room). We spent that Friday afternoon sitting in front of the beach while sipping our favorite drinks (Iced Mocha for me, Beer for Lolo, Iced Tea for Lola and Fruit shake for Maire). God, I Love This! I even recorded a video of the four of us expressing how it feels like to be away from the stressful city of Manila LOL.


I only go back to Dagupan every after four months due to my schedule and the very long trip. Though I seldom go back to my hometown, I see to it that we go out and update each other. We usually eat at Dagupena, our favorite restaurant. When they’re here, we go out and use some of my gift checks or if I have extra money, we dine in a less expensive place. Actually, a fastfood meal can make them happy already. It is the thought that counts.

Wait, did I tell you that I failed to greet them a Happy Grandparents Day? I had a busy Sunday afternoon and I didn’t turn the television on so I forgot to give them a call. I tried my luck by giving them a ring at 9:30PM but nobody answered. Just this morning, Lolo told me that my lola was rushed in the hospital but she is doing well now. Though I am worried, I know that she’ll be ok as long as my Lolo is beside her. Sweet =)

Upon writing this post, I realized that there’s nothing to be guilty about. I may not have sent my greeting to them last Sunday, but I never failed to make them feel important. We don’t really need those holidays hyped by the media and the advertisers. If we truly love our grandparents, we have to show it to them any time or any day of the year. By giving them thinking of you cookies, you’re letting them know that you miss them everyday and they will feel even more special. Spend more time with them if you can…. before its too late.


7 thoughts on “Is Grandparent’s Day Really Important?

  1. Mikyu

    aaawww. how i wish i could see my grandparents happy again. sad to say, i just can’t. coz physically, they aren’t here anymore either. aaawww. i regret not being able to spend much time with them when they were alive. i just hope they’re happy on the other side. hihihi. πŸ˜›

  2. zherwin

    naalala ko bigla lolo ko (na asawa ng kapatid ng lola ko) na nakaimpluwensya sa akin sa pagkahilig sa movies, sine? agad ang sasabihin nya sa akin pag nakikita nya ako, siguro kung buhay pa sya ngayon, nagdi-dvd na lang sya sa sobrang mahal ng sine hehe.

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Jehzeel – Korak! Lagi ka nga nilang tinatanong sa akin =P

    @Xef – Happy Grandparent’s Day to your Lolo and Lola as well!

    @Mikyu – Aw. I’m quite sure they’re looking over you and your family. Smile lang kapatid πŸ˜€

    @Zherwin – Hehe. Bigla kong naalala na ang last movie treat ko sa kanila is yung indie film na Fuschia Starring Gloria Romero, Robert Arevalo and Eddie Garcia. Very timely lang hehe πŸ™‚ My lolo and lola influenced me a lot. That deserves another entry though πŸ˜€

  4. Lizz

    Your grandparents look great! Both sets of my grandparents have passed on, and I really miss my grandma in particular. πŸ™

  5. Teejay

    Nakita ko lang ung message na Happy Grandparents Day sa mall. Never thought there was one until then. Sayang nga, wla na ako grandparents.

    Btw, your grandparents look great and looking young. Baka may mga beauty tips sila na pwede i-share πŸ™‚


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