To My Dearest Friend Ada

One of the highlights in my blog last year are my birthday posts dedicated to my blogger barkada friends collectively known as ‘The Nyoks’. I didn’t forget their birthdays and I wrote my personal messages for them complete with pictures. Due to my trip to Cebu and Singapore last year, I failed to write a birthday entry for two of my closest girl pals and one of them is the one and only crazy yet admirable blogger named Ada Lajara of


I am here right now in Cafe Amoree in General Santos with the SEX Bloggers (SOCCSKSARGEN Experience BLOGGERS lolz). When we planned this trip, Ada is a part of it. But she needs to stay in Manila for now and celebrate her birthday with some of the special people in her life πŸ˜€

Patay Gutom Ada

I am writing this blog post in rush, but I do really wish for my dear Ada to have a very happy birthday. We went out for dinner a night before my flight for General Santos and we talked about my future travel plans and some girly stuff not meant to be disclosed here LOL. This might sound cheesy to some, but i really miss this girl. We actually miss each other! I know that she loves me and even considers me like her sister and bestfriend all rolled into one.

Mica, Ada and Cai

I would like to apologize if I didn’t write a blog entry about your birthday last year. I am also sorry if I am not mentioning your name at times in my other posts. Also, sorry if I didn’t push through with the plan that we’ll launch you as a lead star in my short film. That might not happen this year, but we will get there. You will be my one and only comedy short film queen haha πŸ˜€

Cai and I really missed you here. We know you have other personal things to work on and we’re really excited for you πŸ˜€ We miss you and your crazy self.

Again, Happy Birthday ADA GURL! See you on Sunday evening πŸ˜€ Love you badet! πŸ˜€

O, paalis na kami. Babush! Text text na lang for updates πŸ˜›


8 thoughts on “To My Dearest Friend Ada

  1. Ada

    I love you Mica soo much~~! Thanks for all the laughs, tears, good times and bad times. You’re the only beautiful badet in my life.

    Yes sabrina ako yan, kumkendeng ako LOLss

  2. Ada

    Magbibirthday na naman ako! Ikaw rin Mica. We really miss you!!

    PS. If forgot to say thank you to all who greeted me in this post πŸ˜€


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