Bagyong Pepeng in Northern Luzon

Just this morning, I read some Plurks of concerned individuals regarding the present condition of provinces like Benguet, La Union and Pangasinan wherein Bagyong Pepeng is keeping the provinces devastated with the heavy rain pours and strong winds.

R.A. Gapuz building flooded in Brgy Bolosan, Dagupan. Photo taken by Pia de Vera

R.A. Gapuz building flooded in Brgy Bolosan, Dagupan. Photo taken by Pia de Vera

As someone who resided in Pangasinan since birth, I can say that the people in our province are used to this scenario already. I admire how my fello Pangasinense are able to cope up with such tragedy despite the fact that Norther Luzon received less media exposure and donations way back.

The cyber bayanihan through Facebook, Twitter and Plurk done during the Bagyong Ondoy season proven that Bayanihan still exist among us Filipinos. Now, our brothers and sisters from up north needs your help.

Just last night, I heard via DZMM livestream that around 1000 people were stranded in SM Rosales in Rosales, Pangasinan.

At 4am, my friend Jajo told me that the flood water entered the house already.

At 7am, my collegue Jaypee, who is from San Fabian, Pangasinan left their home and went to an evacuation center.

At 8am, Alain told me that every part of Dagupan is flooded.

At 9am, Jayson plurked that 70%of Pangasinan is flooded.

A bridge in La Union collapsed and I heard some cases of landslides in Benguet. Northern Luzon needs your help.

Photo By Pia de Vera

Photo By Pia de Vera

I am reposting some important links courtesy of Marocharim:

Rescue Hub North Luzon is where you can report SOS and emergency calls for flood, rain, and landslide victims in Northern Luzon. Please fill out the information forms as completely as possible to help facilitate rescue and assistance.

GMANews.TV’s Disaster Response Database is a unified disaster response form from GMANews.TV. Again, please fill out the forms as completely as possible.

Disaster Response Data is a Google spreadsheet that you can monitor for disaster responses in your area in Northern Luzon, which is useful if you still have an Internet connection or if you can maintain contact with friends and family members in the North.

GMANews.TV Google Map is a tagged Google map of disaster-stricken areas in Northern Luzon.

If you can, please consider donating stocks of easy-open canned food, rice, clothes, and medicines to the families in evacuation centers. For now, reports that families in disaster-stricken and disaster-prone areas in Baguio have been relocated to evacuation centers at the following locations:

  • Lourdes Grotto/Mirador Hill
  • Aguinaldo Elementary School
  • St. Vincent Gymnasium
  • Irisan Barangay Hall
  • City Camp Youth Center

For online volunteers, you can also refer to these links from Manuel Quezon III:

Once again, online volunteers are passing along updates and appeals for rescue/relief. Volunteers are also preparing themselves for a fresh round of relief efforts.The ad hoc tools that emerged from the Ondoy Calamity have been brought out once more and are being used for consolidating and collating rescue efforts, situation updates, and aid efforts.

Please make sure that all appeals for help or situation reports you encounter online are reported here:

RescueHub North Luzon: SOS Calls. Encourage people to send SMS (Text) updates if no Internet Connection to For any concerns or to report additional cases, please contact us at 09159885674 (Edgar), 09233151120 (@kay_bu) or 09299509173 (@bicolanodevil).

See Ralph Guzman: Holtine Numbers for Northern Luzon Typhoon Victims for national and regional numbers to call. I suggest we all use this directory as the Master Directory, and perhaps find a way to maintain a Consolidated Directory for all bloggers to refer to, again to minimize unecessary duplication of effort. Zambales is operating on this principle.

For organizations and volunteers, concerned family members and friends, please refer to Bayanihan Online, which is consolidating Twitter/FaceBook updates, appeals, and information.

Donations to the Philippine National Red Cross, to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, various Catholic and religious charities, will be required.

Let’s help out our families and friends from Northern Luzon. We can do this… again 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bagyong Pepeng in Northern Luzon

  1. dlysen

    Where is the next calamity spot after Luzon? We never know it. Some place are having worst calamity too like earthquake.
    @david: If we can only believe, we can start to help. Even there is corruption, what important is we help.

  2. Caloycoy

    I am very thankful dahil hindi kami kasali sa 44/48 bayan at lungsod na nalubog sa baha. Buti at out kami sa 90% ng 3.1 M na populasyon na nahihirapan ngayon. Malaking pasalamat dahil buhay pa. ^_____^. Haha. Beri pathetic nga lang dahil kaninang umaga nakatanggap kami ng balita sa pagsabog ng San Roque Dam(n). Nagtaas kami at nag-impake ng gamit. For it will happen, malulubog ang 100% ng Pangasinan including Tarlac, and Nueva Ecija. (sigh) Watta experience. Nagtatakbuhan ang mga tao, iba nasagasaan na pero patuloy pa rin ang lahat sa pag-panic. May araw din ang mga tsismoso na nagpakalat ng ganoong balita.

    Natutuwa ako sa iyo kababayan.

  3. GeoRge

    Saw video of SM City Rosales submerged. WOAH. We passed by that mall recently on the way back to Manila from Baguio.

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @david.edward – Meron din naman mga NGO’s where you can give your donations 😀

    @Dlysen – Unfortunately, Northern Luzon ang palaging target ng Bagyo at Earthquake. My uncle actually died in the Hyatt Earthquake last July 1990 T_T

    @Caloycoy – Yun lang din nakakainis. Actually, na-experience ko rin yan dati nung nasa Dagupan pa ako. Madami ang nagpanic lalo na nung Milenyo (bata pa tayo nun LOL). Sobrang nagpanic mga nagbabalita ayan tuloy, nagpanic buong bayan na hindi nakabuti sa atin lahat.

    Buti naman at ligtas ka at ang iyong pamilya.

    @George – I passed by the mall three times pa lang but I never really had the chance to enter and investigate about the location, structure etc.

  5. Jasmine Guevara

    So sorry to hear about the devastation. Here in Hawaii, people are helping by going to the Filipino Community Center––to give monetary donations until Oct. 24th.

    The US Pacific Command ( has also provided lots of assistance during this time. The Disaster Relief Fact Sheet is updated daily at can be found at

    I really hope things will get better soon.


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