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#iResist: Stop The Bullying!

The internet is a very helpful tool in communication and as a resource of handful information. Imagine how hard it is for our ancestors to contact their relatives and friends abroad. You need to wait for weeks or months just to receive one letter. A phone call is expensive and a telegram message delivery can be unreliable at times. Now, we have emails and instant messaging programs and the good thing there is you can just download it for free.

No to Cyber Bullying! Photo Credit: UprisingArchives.org

Remember the days when then the library is one of the best and most reliable place to look for concrete information? In the old days, they used to go through all the reference books and journals just to get the details they need and it can take hours or even days to look for specific data. Now, all you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, type the keyword and kaboom! The links are there and all you have to do is verify which of which delivers the right write-up.

The Internet is a big help to us and we are lucky that we can do a lot of stuff conveniently. What if the internet is not used in a good way?

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