#iResist: Stop The Bullying!

The internet is a very helpful tool in communication and as a resource of handful information. Imagine how hard it is for our ancestors to contact their relatives and friends abroad. You need to wait for weeks or months just to receive one letter. A phone call is expensive and a telegram message delivery can be unreliable at times. Now, we have emails and instant messaging programs and the good thing there is you can just download it for free.

No to Cyber Bullying! Photo Credit: UprisingArchives.org

Remember the days when then the library is one of the best and most reliable place to look for concrete information? In the old days, they used to go through all the reference books and journals just to get the details they need and it can take hours or even days to look for specific data. Now, all you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, type the keyword and kaboom! The links are there and all you have to do is verify which of which delivers the right write-up.

The Internet is a big help to us and we are lucky that we can do a lot of stuff conveniently. What if the internet is not used in a good way?

Whether we are conscious about it or not, most of the issues and controversies going around the world started out from the internet.

Remember the Christopher Lao incident? His name became a trending topic in Twitter months ago because of his ‘I Wasn’t Informed’ statement. A lot of people bashed him and even tagged him names and although some sympathize to him, they’d rather keep quiet because they’re afraid that they will be bullied too. What about Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ video? She’s just 13 years old during the release of the video, but she had to go through all the destructive criticisms and even feared for her own life after she received some threats. What about Justin Bieber? He is just a typical teen singer and up to this day, his haters bully him. I’m just glad that the three individuals stood up and recovered from cyberbullying by improving themselves in the way they know best.

What about the victims of video scandals? In the Philippines alone, we can enumerate some celebrities whose career and self-esteem got affected because of it. Most of them would rather stay at home because they’re afraid that they will be bullied and judged once they step out in public.

One of the YouTube superstars that I am a fan of is Chris Crocker. He became famous worldwide because of his ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ video. He is a certified Britney Spears fanatic and he got depressed when the press kept on bashing her after the release of the ‘Gimme More’ video. Right after publishing the video, he received a lot of criticisms from YouTube users. Some were calling him names while some admired his courage of standing up for Britney.

As of the moment, Chris Crocker had already uploaded hundreds of videos and if you patiently watch some of his vlogs, you will truly appreciate him as a person.

I have to be honest that I also have my own opinion about certain issues and I choose not to speak about the controversial issues since the response might be an attack. I remember tweeting one time about a certain politician and all of a sudden, some people replied with negative tweets. It is one of the reasons why now, I’d rather keep quiet as I am afraid that those who are against my opinion might bully me.

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Negativity can be depressing. We live in a world full of problems and uncertainties. Why not just spead the love instead of pinning a person down or making matters worse?

What is your take on cyber bullying or bullying in general? Do you have any stories to share? Feel free to give your comments below and if you have a blog post about it, just share the link. Good vibes! 🙂


8 thoughts on “#iResist: Stop The Bullying!

  1. Ed

    The internet is truly a powerful tool for bullying. Let’s all make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future.

    Personally, whatever bullying that spread, I choose to ignore them because it will be of no use to dwell on them; even if they come from the people whom we thought were our friends. That’s why it’s truly nice to be away from all the chaos that is in the city.

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Hannah – Thanks Hannah! Hoping to hear your stand about this as well 🙂

    @Renz – Yes, that’s him! I can relate to you, Renz. You can really forgive but not forget. Tsk. Hirap eh LOL

    @Ed – That’s true. For the past years, I tried to keep mum na lang on some of my opinions kasi lalong hindi titigil ang discussions. But there are some instances wherein we need to speak up too – maybe it is just a matter of time or dapat medyo composed ka na before you react. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ed! 😀

  3. Rox

    LOL I’ve always been a victim of cyber bullying on my own opinionated blog. I have haters posting nasty comments about me, not the topic.

    Anyway, how did I stopped the cyber bully?

    Simple lang…

    I traced her IP addresses and nagka coincide sila. The way the hater posted comments on my blog, pare-pareho lang yong style although she’s using different nicknames and e-mail addresses.

    Well, I even blogged about it

    Here is the blog post: There’s a Hater on my Blog

    After I posted that blog post, I never received any nasty comments from that same hater. hehehe!

  4. Bryan Karl

    I also tried being cyberbullied (feeling sikat) before but I scared off the person by telling him/her that I asked PLDT to track his identity and we’re coming for him/her. Lol


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