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Bloggers Fest 2011 @ Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

For the very first time, I stepped in together with 200+ bloggers in Thunderbird Resorts in Binangonan, Rizal. Last year, I was able to stay for three days and three nights at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union. I enjoyed my stay in the Santorini-like resort that’s why when Azrael asked me if i can be a speaker to the Bloggers Fest 2011 event, i immediately said yes! 😛

Discussing 'Sharing Your Story Through Personal Blogging' by Maire Magante

My topic for the Bloggers Fest 2011 is ‘Sharing Your Story Through Personal Blogging‘. It is a topic that I am comfortable with and to be honest, I created the slide a few hours before going to the bus pick-up point in Makati. I decided to keep it short and straightforward.

With me to the venue is my high school bestfriend Maire, whom i am pushing to be an active blogger since she writes well and she also takes good pictures. Sayang naman ang talent kung hindi mae-expose! 😛 I saw familiar faces in the pick-up point, but wow, there are so many newbies! It is a good sign for the Philippine Blogosphere. I think majority of them consider it as their first blog event ever. It means they really want to learn and explore on what’s out there.

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On Wordcamp Philippines 2010 and Matt Mullenweg

Last October 2, 2010, WordPress users from different parts of the Philippines gathered at the College of Saint Benilde for the Wordcamp Philippines 2010. It is the 3rd Wordcamp in Metro Manila and my first time to be included in the list of speakers.

Wordcamp PH 2010 Speakers with Mr. Matt Mullenweg (Photo by Lyle Santos)

Months ago, Avatar Media asked me if I can do a talk regarding the Anatomy of a WordPress Blog, which is included at the Basic Track. I presented my straight-to-the-point slide to my students. I know that some of them find my talk a bit fast and too short, but I am happy that they openly asked questions and I hope I was able to answer them. Talking to some of them personally also made me feel a bit more comfortable and less worried 😀 Actually, I can see myself in some of them when I attended the first WordcampPH two years ago.

I’ll be honest here. I was thrilled about the Wordcamp  not mainly because of the talks. Wordcamp is actually a nice venue to interact with other bloggers and meet new friends. I met some of the readers of my blog who were not really posting any comments yet they are reading my daily whereabouts. The fact that some approached me about my Project52Weeks blog made my day 😀

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iBlog6: The Philippine Blogging Summit Aftermath

For the past years, I’ve been religiously attending the iBlog summits organized by the UP College of Law and Digital Filipino. Unfortunately, I only attended the Saturday afternoon session this year. This means that I missed some of the important talks (blame me for being a sleepyhead T_T)


At least I went still 😀 I entered the UP Malcolm Hall at 1:30PM. I saw Gee and Rommel, my PBBFG mates LOL.  I was able to catch Marck Rimorim aka Marocharim talk about Political Blogging in the Philippines. He gave a very nice talk wherein he emphasized on remembering the past, stating the present, planning for the future and going back to the past in writing blog entries related to the different issues in the Philippines.

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