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See You at the Cebu Blog Camp 2011!

I’m going to Cebu for the 9th time this weekend to attend this year’s Cebu Blog Camp! Now on its second year, a number of Cebu-based bloggers united to organize Cebu’s biggest blog event. Last year, I was chosen to talk about the Basics of Blogging (Blogging 101) and I really had fun during my talk. Although I don’t have any significant participation for this year’s leg, I still booked a flight to Cebu for the weekend because of the following reasons:

Cebu Blog Camp 2011 - Are You Coming?

1. I Love Cebu! – This upcoming trip is my 9th time in the Queen City of the South, but I just can’t help but go back. The last time I went there was last August 2010 and stayed there for two days just to hangout with friends, meet up with a relative and just chill like a dude (I’m playing Jessie J’s ‘Do It Like a Dude’ now. I’m sorry haha). Originally, i planned to relocate to Cebu after my UK Trip. Almost everything a Manilenyo wants in a city is already there -only with less traffic and cheaper cost of living. Attending the Cebu Blog Camp is a perfect excuse to book a flight to Cebu and enjoy a whole day of learning.

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Making History at the Cebu Blog Camp 2010

“Cebu Blog Camp Hangover” – That’s my status in Facebook, Plurk and Twitter yesterday. Just like the rest of the Cebu Campers who attended the first ever Cebu Blog Camp, I still can’t blog in a straight news way. I will try anyway. Or maybe not.

Nah, I'm not singing. I'm narrating my blog story here! :P

Nah, I'm not singing. I'm narrating my blog story here! πŸ˜›

For the sixth time in nine months, I found myself stepping at the Mactan International Airport last Friday. I am back in the Queen City of the South for the Cebu Blog Camp 2010. I was invited by Winston to speak about the Basics of Blogging and I immediately said yes when he mentioned about it months ago. I was sick and sleepless when I arrived, so I went straight to my hotel room to have a nap – which resulted to six hours of sleep 0_0. I missed the trip to Maribago Beach Resort because of that, so I went straight to Ayala Mall instead to finalize my presentation for the talk the next day.

So Saturday is the big day! I wasn’t able to sleep and I looked like a zombie when I ate my breakfast. I am thankful that Ate Ria was there and she did my make-up for that morning πŸ˜€ I am not really into make-ups and stuff, that’s why I am glad that Ate Ria was more than willing to help me look like a normal person for my talk teehee.

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The 1st Cebu Blog Camp 2010 – Blogging, Expressions and Opportunities

Are you a Cebu-based blogger? If your answer is yes, I will take this opportunity to invite you at The 1st Cebu Blog Camp on May 22, 2010, Saturday at the CAP Auditorium, CAP Complex, Jones, Cebu City. It will be my sixth time to visit the Queen of the South in the span of 8 months (Hindi ko rin talaga mahal ang Cebu, noh? LOL) and I am excited to go there (as always!)

Cebu Blog Camp

I am happy to be a part of this historic event. I’ll be discussing the Basics of Blogging in the morning, wherein I am planning to give a brief background on the technical aspects of blogging and at the same time share my story that will hopefully push more newbies to go on and blog! πŸ˜€

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