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DVD Player Hunting at OLX

Here’s another fact about me: I am a lazy shopper. Unlike most girls who would spend hours looking for a specific clothing or accessories in the mall and still enjoy it, I am the opposite. I may be a mall person, but I usually hangout there with friends in a restaurant or coffee shop. I don’t really spend my time in the department store of shopping stores not unless I really need to.

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Result

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Results

Buying appliances or gadgets is no exemption. I remember when I bought my camera, I went to the store upon seeing an ad in a BPO Magazine. I went to the store with my friends and I think I only spent a few minutes there. I originally planned to buy a DVD player, but pft, I can’t really contain the large amount of buyers that day so I decided to just eat somewhere 😛

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