The 30-Day BTS Song Challenge (Part 1 of 3)

Discovering and falling in love with the boys of BTS is the best thing that happened to me this challenging year of 2020. Well, I heard about BTS and I even saw their breakthrough music video before plus their song are played everywhere, but I never really immersed in their music and fandom not ’till that Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden. During that time, I was so into The Beatles especially George Harrison. I will forever be a fan of The Beatles, but probably welcoming the BTS in the mix is a good idea.

Last month, I came across the ’30-Day BTS Song Challenge’ where BTS Army (name of the fandom) share their favorite BTS songs or which specific tracks trigger certain emotions or memory. Check my original Twitter thread (changed some songs last minute)

30-Day BTS Song Challenge (credits to @134340child)

Since I have no internet connection as I type this, let me elaborate why I chose these specific tracks. Are you ready for an adventure?

Day 1: A Song You Think Should Be Listened to More: Spring Day

Spring Day is considered as the ‘timeless’ hit song of BTS in Korea. In fact, this song is still in the charts up to this day (the song was released as a single three years ago!). Despite that victorious reign in the charts, I just feel that the international fans (especially newbies like me) will find comfort and solace in this simple yet moving song.

The music video triggers longing feelings in a good way. You can’t help but look back at the happy times with that person you miss the most.

Day 2: A song That Makes You Cry: Awake by BTS Jin

This song is quite familiar though I cannot really pinpoint why. Probably I’ve heard it in the coffee shop I used to visit or maybe I heard it on the radio without realizing it is from BTS. Honestly, I was surprised that Jin is the soloist behind this lovely ballad. He often shows his goofy side in interviews and performances, but in reality, he is the most hardworking member of the group. Why hardworking? He was discovered while he was on his way to the university – the classic ‘scouting’ story.

He was a university student who had no background in singing or dancing. He had to train hard to be a ‘deserving’ member of BTS. I can relate to his sentiments in this song. You know, that feeling of always being ‘not good enough’ or being ‘the second best’ in certain things you’re passionate about.

Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake don’t cry’ he sings. Kim Seokjin is a living proof that hardwork and dedication pays off. I just love this guy so much!

Day 3: A Song to Listen to When it Rains: Tomorrow by BTS

I had a hard time picking for the best rain song! They have a song called ‘Rain’ and I originally wrote RM’s ‘Forever Rain’ but decided to exclude mixtape tracks from this challenge.

I chose ‘Tomorrow‘ because it reminded me of my worries when I was in my 20’s. I also love the reminder that you’re just taking a break now and you can continue with your hustle tomorrow. Have you seen the choreography for this song? I imagine them dancing in the middle of the rain doing that signature move.

Day 4: A Song for Daily Commute: Run by BTS

Dashi Run, Run, Run, you’re late for your appointment. Run, run, run, the P2P bus is leaving. Yep. I’m always rushing and running whenever I drag myself to go somewhere where I am required to commute. Probably I’ll move faster when I’m listening to this song.

Day 5: A Song When You Enter a Room: Dimple by BTS Vocal Line (Jin, V, Jimin and Jungkook)

My basis for picking this track? I have a Dimple. I do suspect though that this track was written for Namjoon LOL. This chill song will make you fall in love with Jin, V, Jimin and Jungkook all at the same time. That’s illegal! =P

Also, I love the hidden TaeJin and JiKook moments from this performance hihihi.

Day 6: A Song That Makes You Smile: Anpanman by BTS

The song I associate with the BT21 babies! BTS performed this child-friendly song in the 2018 Festa Celebration (Prom Party) where BT21 had their debut stage. Can I also order these human BT21? I want the RJ one the most. Thanks!

Day 7: A Song That Makes You Rebel: Cypher Pt. 3 by BTS Rap Line (RM, Suga and J-Hope)

RM, Suga and J-Hope are three talented rappers with different styles. When they collaborate, they produce something dangerous. Just watch the video and read the translations. Don’t mess with this trio

Day 8: A Song That Get You Energized: So What by BTS

‘We are, we are, we are young, wild and free!’
‘Let go!’

The ultimate Encore Party song of the BTS Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour! The boys just go crazy onstage doing their own thing: dancing silly, showering armies with water (HAHA), teasing each other, jumping around and so on!

My favorite part? The bridge where Jin and V have a moment as they sing the following lines:

‘Somebody call me right one. Somebody call me wrong.

I don’t want to care, so why don’t you as well? SO WHAT!!!

It’s an encouraging song played with fireworks, confetti – the works! I also do feel that this is a good LGBT anthem. Time to live in the moment! Just be you! Love Yourself! Speak Yourself! Yeah!!!

Day 9: A Song That You Would Like to See Performed : UGH! By BTS Rap Line (RM, Suga and J-Hope) and the rest of Map of the Soul: 7 Tracks.

UGH! is a rap line track and I was just too hyped up when I heard it for the first time. This track is ‘angry’ in a good way. Will they perform this live on Bang Bang Con this June 14? I hope so! I also want them to perform ALL the tracks from the Map of the Soul: 7 because that album is lit!

Day 10: A Song That Serves as a Reminder: If I Ruled the World by BTS

“I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m singing this childish song!’

A fun, idealistic song from BTS during their early days. In this song, they visualize fame, luxury, girls, buying their dream house for their families, saving money and buying cars. They also expressed that they’re not interested in gambling and why dream small when you can dream big?

BTS from their rookie days

After years of hard work, BTS really ruled the world and they’re doing it all for the love of army!

Whew! I had fun typing that and listening to the first 10 tracks! Read Part 2 and Part 3 now!

Do you know BTS? Do you love their music? Share your favorite tracks below and if you wish to do the similar challenge, feel free to do so!


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