The 30-Day BTS Song Challenge (Part 2 of 3)

Did you like the first part of my 30-Day BTS Song Challenge? I really had a hard time picking the songs. I guess that’s a good problem to have, right?

On the second part, I noticed that almost half of the tracks in this post are solo songs from the members. Hope you enjoy and take the time to appreciate what they can offer. Who knows, you might have a favorite or bias after you listen to the chosen songs!

Are you ready for a coffee shop-inspired BTS playlist? 😛

Day 11: A Song to Listen to in the Café: Coffee by BTS

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a coffee shop when you hear Jungkook’s endearing intro for coffee? This song was often played in the coffee shop I used to visit in our old neighborhood. This is a teenybopper type of track that will make you feel good and crave for that delicious coffee. I don’t like caramel macchiatto or anything with caramel or super duper sweeteners, but I will give it a go if Jungkook is the barista! LOL!

Day 12: A Song That Makes You Want to Fall in Love: LOVE by BTS RM

I first heard the intro of Love from the BTS Mini Figure teaser in YouTube. The song was played when RM’s cutie mini version was revealed. I searched for the full song and liked it in an instant. I didn’t expect that such sweet song will come from RM knowing that he tends to do groundbreaking rap tracks. I fell in love with it when I saw his live performance for this song and I was just amazed on how he was able to hype up the crowd on his own. Live and Love! That’s what RM’s LOVE can do!

Day 13: A Solo Song From Vocal Line: Stigma by BTS V

V or Kim Taehyung is probably the most popular member of BTS. He is a unique character that you can’t help but love. He has that playful yet innocent aura, but his deep voice will make you fall for him harder.

I had a hard time choosing whether I will mention his hit song ‘Singularity’ here or ‘Stigma’. I chose the latter because I love the lyrics and his high notes towards the bridge. Too bad the live performance for this song was deleted from YouTube. Ugh!

Day 14: A Solo Song from Rap Line: Intro: Shadow by BTS Suga

Min Yoongi / Suga / Agust D – whatever you want to call him – is my current biaswrecker. He might be the most ‘savage’ member of BTS, but I think he is also the most sensitive. I loved his solo mixtapes and majority of the BTS songs that I love dearly were written by him.

I chose ‘Shadow’ for his solo track because of the strong lyrics of this song. It’s about a boy who had a lot of dreams and goals. He thought that achieving these will make him happy. Now, he is having second thoughts on his new-found fame. In the end, he learns to just accept it and deal with it. Being an introvert myself, I can relate to his struggles and I guess that part of Suga was felt in this track/MV.

Day 15: A Song That Gives You Comfort: Serendipity by BTs Jimin

Heaven must be missing an angel and his name is Jimin!

Serendipity is my go-to song if I want to relax and just rest comfortably. It’s the second song on my favorite BTS Playlist for sleeping (yup, there’s tons of playlists according to your mood or needs compiled wholeheartedly by the army!). Jimin’s angelic voice plus his live performance for this song is simply comforting. The dream-like concept of his Serendipity stage is simply magical and surreal. Just let me love you… Welcome to Dreamland with ChimChim!

Day 16: A Song That Took Time to Grow on You: Danger by BTS

BTS started out as a hiphop group and though most people are familiar with their post-Blood, Sweat and Tears era, the Bangtan Boys have a lot of hiphop and urban dance tracks with lyrics filled with teenage angst LOL. Danger is one of my favorites from their early years. This specific performance stands out for me because of the ‘bad boy in high school’ vibes they’re giving us. Jin is surely a heartbreaker here 😛

Day 17: A Song That Gets You Angry of Frustrated: So Far Away by BTS Suga, Jin and Jungkook

The original version of ‘So Far Away’ appeared on Suga’s Agust D Mixtape with female singer Suran. He recorded another version with Jin and Jungkook for the 2017 BTS Festa Celebration and I can feel the frustrations out of Suga’s rap and lyrics. I’m sure a lot of young adults can relate to the theme of the song especially the lines ‘Everyone else is running, why am I the only one here?’ and ‘I live because I can’t die.
Nothing is more miserable and lonely than not having something you want to do

Jin and Jungkook’s vocals made me cry. How I wish the three of them can still do a live performance in the near future. The closest is the interlude Jin and Jungkook did with V and Jimin during the Wings Tour.

Day 18: A Song to Sing in the Shower: Just One Day by BTS

‘Just One Day’ shows the innocence of teenage love. Released when the maknae line were still teenagers, this song brings back memories of kilig in high school and college. Why do I play this in the shower? It relaxes me. Kilig-kiligan sa shower! LOL!

I am sharing the newer live performance of ‘Just One Day’ because it so soooo good! Also, the whole BTS Armypedia Medley is my banyo OST #TMI

Day 19: A Song to Forget About Your Problems: Euphoria by BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is the Golden Maknae of BTS. Being the main vocalist and dancer, he is also a natural comedian & all-around dependable guy (especially when he’s with Jin – JinKook Best Bros!). Anyway, ‘Euphoria’ is such a mood-booster song especially when Jungkook performs this live with his ‘flying/pabitin’ set-up.

Check Jungkook’s Live Performance of Euphoria in Osaka, Japan! Jungkook, you are the cause of our Euphoria! <3

Day 20: A Song That Gets You Motivated: ON by BTS

ON is a powerful comeback song for BTS. Thanks for the short teaser from the Carpool Karaoke episode with Jungkook hitting the high notes effortlessly, ON became the anthem of my 2020. Yeah, I’m in quarantine and all, but playing this song on and on and on just brings out the fighter in me.

Watch the two versions of the ON music video. Surely, their jaw-dropping dance performance will give you that motivation and drive to get up, get your sh*t together and get things done. Stop procrastinating!

BTS representing their solo music videos: V (Singularity), RM (Persona), Jin (Epiphany), J-Hope (Daydream), Jimin (Serendipity), Suga (Agust D) and Jungkook (Euphoria)

Reading what I just wrote, I guess I am giving myself some motivational speech so I can carry ON and finish this 30-Day BTS Song Challenge. I can do this! Win no matter what, win no matter what, I don’t give a ugh, I don’t give a ugh! Bring the pain on, yeah!

Whew! Did I just finish the second part of this series? Wow. Thank you BTS for the inspiration!

What do you guys think of my song selections? What are your favorite BTS solo tracks and which song keeps you motivated the most? Read Part 1 and Part 3 is up next!


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