Why I Love Jessie J’s ALIVE album

Jessie J is truly one of the most talented artists from the United Kingdom. My curiosity about this woman started when I first saw the music video for “Do It Like a Dude”. This girl is fearless, unique and she can definitely sing! Her first single is one of the songs that you’d sing if you want to feel extra confident or have that ‘swag’ feel in an instant.

I Love Jessie J - with or without the hair! :P

I Love Jessie J – with or without the hair! πŸ˜›

Later on, she released the worldwide hit ‘Price Tag’ and elevated her status from a newbie to a top-selling artist. When her prolonged debut album “Who You Are”Β was finally released, the fans went mental and sang her songs with passion. Some of the singles released include Nobody’s Perfect, Who’s Laughing Now, Who You Are, Domino and Laser Light.

Jessie J gained more followers after her exposure as a resident judge in The Voice UK. She may have this angsty image at first, but she was able to show the public how sweet and endearing she is in person.

Her sophomore album ‘ALIVE’ was released last September in the UK. Prior to the official launch, I got the chance to listen to some of the songs like Wild, Hero, Magnetic, Excuse My Rude and It’s My Party. The last song I mentioned is very special to me. In fact, it is one of the songs that I’ve memorized in 30 minutes! Too bad I still can’t reveal why… but soon you will know why πŸ™‚

I’ve bought an online version of the album and downloaded it right away. A month later, a special surprise arrived on the mail and tadda – it’s an autographed CD!

Here’s my track by track review of Jessie J’s ALIVE:

IT’S MY PARTY – It’s my party, I do, do what I want!

The opening track of ALIVE reminds me of her previous hit ‘Domino’. The lyrics pertains to some of the negative people (a.k.a. haters) who keeps on bashing her and ruining other people’s mood. This lady won’t let you ruin her because she is in control! Let’s just party, shall we?

THUNDER – I loved this track the moment I heard it. You can feel the drama as the song progresses and the lyrics is just lovely. We need tracks like this one on mainstream radio. It’s about saying thank you and appreciating the people who stood by you through thick and thin.

SQUARE ONE – Some fans thought this will be the third single to be released from the album. This is a post-break up song. You know, being in a relationship and eventually being on your own again. I can’t relate much just because…

SEXY LADY – The current jingle used by Boots! It is a woman empowering anthem and I’m quite sure that hearing this track will make girls sing and dance like nobody’s watching!

HARDER WE FALL – One of my favorite tracks in the album because of its reminder to take a look around and just move on with life no matter how difficult our journey can be. Add the fact that there’s a reggae vibe to it. Potential single or fund-raising theme.

BREATHE – Another ballad from the album I’d like Jessie J to release. I love her vocals and the drama in this song. Perfect for emotera moments especially if you’re lonely and longing.

I MISS HER – The most personal track in the album. Jessie J dedicates this song to someone very close to her, who I think is suffering from Alzheimer’s. “I miss her even if she’s still here..”. A sad song from the point of view of a loving family member who truly missed the old days with this someone special. A sad but beautiful song.

DAYDREAMIN’ – This is the first song Jessie J wrote for the album. I love the 80’s vibe to it and it will surely put you in a good mood (after three consecutive dramatic tracks hehe). This song is part of my Good Morning soundtrack.

EXCUSE MY RUDE – I thought this will be the third single to be released from the album. I think this is the ‘Do It Like a Dude’ kind of track from Alive. Very catchy, modern and yes, angsty. I love the fact that she collaborated with fast-rising rapper Becky G (heard her from Cher Lloyd’s Oath song). Excuse My Rude, but I really *toot* hate you!

WILD – The first single from ALIVE. The lyrics clearly depicts how Jessie J feels now that her dreams turned into reality. The fact that she invited two rappers (Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal) to represent the US and UK scene is pure madness! This song is special for me too because…

GOLD – A Thank You track from Jessie J. It’s good to express gratitude every once in a while, right? πŸ˜€

CONQUER THE WORLD – A collaboration with one of her childhood idols Brandy, Conquer The World is a new “you-and-me-against-the-world” track between two close friends, who are determined to reach their goals no matter what the circumstances are. We need tracks like this one! We had tons of it in the 90’s and I’m glad she wrote it for the new generation to listen. Sing it with your BFF!

ALIVE – A perfect album finale. Aside from the uplifting lyrics, Jessie J once again showcases her unbeatable vocal prowess. Yes, she’s ALIVE!

The DeLuxe version of the album includes Unite, Hero, Magnetic and a remix of It’s My Party.



All in all, ALIVE is an album is still full of emotions but more on the ‘fighter’ side. Yes, she toned down a bit. No more thick make-up and flashy clothes, but this woman had matured enough to know that she can really surpass the obstacles that blocked her way to the top years ago. Now, she is one of the most admired and respected talents from the United Kingdom.

Wait… did I mentioned I saw her perform live last September at the iTunes Festival in London? πŸ˜€

Do you like Jessie J? What can you say about her music and style? Share on the comments section below!


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