Movie Review: GAYDAR

Paano kung lahat ng lalaki na nagugustuhan mo ay bakla pala?

Gumagana ba ang Gaydar mo?

Gumagana ba ang Gaydar mo?

Sounds familiar? Well, I was once a girl who tend to fall for closet gay men. You cannot blame me. Most gay men that I met in the past are good-looking, responsible and talented. The ideal straight men are either in a relationship or married. What to do?

GAYDAR is a romantic-comedy film under the direction of Alvin Yapan, who is known for directing the award-winning Cinemalaya films Ang Panggagahasa ni Fe and Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa. I think Gaydar is his most ‘mainstream’ and ‘fun’ film to date. The lead character in the movie is Tina played by Pauleen Luna. I’m glad that finally this Eat Bulaga mainstay is given a lead role in a comedy film. I loved her performance as Giselle Sanchez in GMA News TV’s Wagas.

Gurl, Beks 'yang ka-date mo!

Gurl, Beks ‘yang ka-date mo!

In the movie, Tina (Pauleen Luna) is a rich young woman who is idealistic in love. The problem is, she tends to fall in love with gay men. She is dependent to her bestfriend Jerry (Rafael Rosell), a metrosexual man with a good heart. They go to work together by commuting via FX. Eventually, they met Nick (Tom Rodriguez), a good-looking FX driver who has a big secret. Desperate to know if Nick is straight or gay, she resorts to several crazy ideas.

Straight or Gay? Tom Rodriguez and Rafael Rosell in Gaydar

Straight or Gay? Tom Rodriguez and Rafael Rosell in Gaydar

Gaydar is a light comedy film with a heart. It makes us realize how most of us do the craziest things just to know if the love we give will be reciprocated. It also shows how stereotypes can ruin one’s friendship.

I know that some parts of the country are experiencing a lot of troubles and trauma lately, but it wouldn’t hurt if we go to the cinemas and relax for a bit. Have a laugh and test if your Gaydar works!

GAYDAR is still showing in cinemas nationwide. Sugod na!


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