Lessons Learned from Drag Queens

‘WHAT?! You have a big crush on a drag queen? That’s the weirdest statement I’ve ever heard in years!”

If a female friend of mine confessed her addiction on drag queens years ago, I’ll instantly give her a strange look. Do you have a serious problem in life that you don’t want me to know yet you can’t handle it? Tell me and I’ll listen. Let’s talk about boy bands instead.

Gurl, I ain't crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

Gurl, I ain’t crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

But no. Actually, my love for drag queens started when I discovered LOGOTV’s Rupaul’s Drag Race. They’re currently airing the 5th season in the US of A and I’m proud to say that a lot of Filipino drag queens made it to the show. The fun part there is they look so pretty with the make-up and glamorous clothes, yet they look equally hot when out of drag. My Top Three favorite queens from all five seasons include Manila Luzon, Willam Belli and Ivy Winters.

Manila Luzon - The Asian Glamasaurus

Manila Luzon – The Asian Glamasaurus

Manila Luzon once explained that drag is an art form. It is an exaggerated way of portraying women – big hair, thick make up, oversized boob plates and butt paddings and the works. The transformation from man to woman is not easy. In fact, it takes a lot of patience and effort before a prince turns into a fairytale princess. Manila Luzon is a very good influence to the drag community especially to the gaysians.

Willlam Belli works hard for the money

Willlam Belli works hard for the money

Willam Belli is my spirit animal. Her creativity, sense of humor and talent in singing is what I love about her. The two queens write their own songs and does all the marketing stuff. Karl (Manila’s male counterpart) is a graphic designer by profession while Willam is an actor or an over-all performer. Hardworking, check! Where’s the paycheck?

The sweet and lovely Ivy Winters

The sweet and lovely Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters is part of the ongoing  season and I can say that she is the sweetest queen! It helps that her family supports everything she does. Dustin (the male counterpart) used to work as a clown for 8 years. He is a costume designer by profession and does drag from time to time. He is one of the fan favorites in the current season and one of the very few ‘classy’ ones. I just love her!

Here are some mixed realizations of mine from my drag queen obsession:

Designer Shoes aaaaah! No, that's too many!

Designer Shoes aaaaah! No, that’s too many!

Invest on Clothes and Shoes – It doesn’t necessarily mean I have to but new fashion-related stuff every week. I have to at least update my closet that fits certain occasions and have some shoes that I can use for special events. Manila Luzon doesn’t want to wear flats when she’s onstage. The higher the heels, the better. I am just not comfortable wearing high heels because I am already tall (at least for Asian standards teehee). I am even taller than most of my guy friends.

^ Man to Woman Tranformation: Dustin to Ivy Winters

Contouring is a Girl’s Best Friend – Or at least for Kelly Osborne (check that episode in Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race). I realized that it is true based on some of the make-up tutorials the queens uploaded on YouTube. I have to admit that what I have in my Kikay kit right now are the following: BB Cream, Lipgloss and Johnson’s Baby Powder. Yes, I am still in high school level when you talk about vanity.

ProActiv 30-Day Trial Kit now available in the Philippines!

ProActiv 30-Day Trial Kit now available in the Philippines!

Skin Talk – I had acne problems way back in high school and college. I still have some acne scars visible and I want to get rid of it asap. I am currently using the ProActiv solution, which is now available in Watsons branches and SM Department Stores. I have to admit that I am a lazy person and the night routine was dragging on my first few days. Well, I have to drag myself if I want to be as good as my beloved drag queens! I’ll write a review as soon as I finish the 30-day trial. Let’s see if I’ll keep the product or get my money back!

Let's Get Physical!

Let’s Get Physical!

Diet and Exercise – I noticed that most of my friends often say that I gained weight. It must be the tummy. I do like my figure now although I have to do some sit-ups if I really want a cover girl worthy figure. I also need to do some physical activities. The tri event I witnessed last Sunday inspired me to get involved in something like it. Well, not the hardcore sports. I don’t think I can run for my life. Pole dancing? Belly dancing? Wait.. I’ll just play 90’s pop or some drag queen music and I’ll let my body groove in an instant. Oh lala!

When in Doubt, Turn it Out – Learned this one from Jiggly Caliente, a plus-size Filipina drag queen from the 4th season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. She was placed on the bottom two twice, yet she did really turn it out when she had to lipsync for her life. Just do what you gotta do! Own the stage!

These are just some of my drag queen notes. I love these girls (I call them girls because we’re talking about their female personas). Whether they know it or not, they influenced some real-life women to do better and improve themselves. Hoping to stick to this self-imposed dragulation. Goodluck, and I hope I don’t epfhit up!


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