The Wreckoning: Willam Belli’s Debut Album

Drag Queens rock my world. When I am not working or traveling, I spent my idle hours watching drag queen videos, reruns of Rupaul’s Drag Race, reblogging squirrel quotes and listening to drag queen music. I don’t care if some friends of mine are annoyed with my constant mention of drag queens. If they do really care for me, they would understand and love me no matter what. #drama

I won't Rupologize for loving you, Willam!

I won’t Rupologize for loving you, Willam!

I’ve written several posts on my Manila Luzon addiction. I really love the Gaysian queens, but I also love the other talented graduates of Rupaul’s Drag Race. One of them is the workaholic Willam Belli.

I can’t remember exactly how, but I accidentally saw his music video for ‘Love You Like a Big Schlong’, a parody song inspired by Selena Gomez’ ‘Love You Like a Love Song’. The video went viral and I honestly didn’t like it at first. I find it trashy and not safe for work lol.

Among the drag queens who stepped in Rupaul’s Drag Race, I can say that Willam Belli stands out – he is extremely talented (check his acting and singing reel) and his ideas are crazy, yet he can produce a good output.


Willam Belli - Sashay away... with style

Willam Belli – Sashay away… with style


Willam Belli is the first contestant to be kicked out of Rupaul’s Drag Race. That controversial twist was talked about by fans and haters alike worldwide. Some find his ways annoying, while some find it charming. He is straightforward and he knows that he is at the top of his game. He only appeared in a few episodes, but I think he uttered the most memorable quotable quotes on the show! Being disqualified can be a big advantage. Good or Bad Publicity is still Publicity anyway!

Willam Belli out of drag = Irresistable, right? #notsorryboutit

Willam Belli out of drag = Irresistable, right? #notsorryboutit

I started watching videos of Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants and I honestly loved Willam’s videos uploaded in his personal channel. I started watching his drag performances and even some of his works together with Detox and Vicky Vox. What a talented queen! She may project a ‘trashy’ image, but her talent shines bright like a diamond!

Late last year, Willam Belli released his debut album ‘The Wreckoning’. Afraid of piracy and all that, he decided to sell copies through his website. Guess what? I ordered a copy! I live in Manila in Luzon Island, Philippines. Yeah, I ordered a copy!

Willam Belli's 'The Wreckoning' Album Cover

Willam Belli’s ‘The Wreckoning’ Album Cover

‘The Wreckoning’ didn’t wreck my expectations. Most of the songs featured in Willam’s debut album have been released with music videos, but the talented queen has more to offer.

Here’s the complete track listing of ‘The Wreckoning’ by Willam Belli:

  1. Love You Like a Big Schlong
  2. Trouble
  3. Chow Down (ft. Detox & Vicky Vox)
  4. STRFKR (ft. Detox & Vicky Vox)
  5. Vagina Song
  6. Potential New Boyfriend
  7. She Doesn’t Know
  8. Let’s Have a KaiKai (ft. Rhea Litre)
  9. Stand By Your Man (ft. Drake Jensen)
  10. Rupologize (ft. Sharon Needles)
  11. Trouble WDWD Doot Doot Mix

I love all the songs in the album, but these songs are my top favorites:

Trouble – “This is my time, this is my shot. Work it like I own the place ain’t never gonna stop!” – Trouble is my current favorite headbang song. You know, when you’re having a bad day or you need to wake up, just play this song and you’re off to go!

Seriously, this is my favorite track on the album. The remix made it better. It’s catchy tune and lyrics makes Willam Belli a better popstar than Ke$ha (no auto tune!) or Britney Spears (not lipsyncing on live performances).

Potential New Boyfriend – Willam Belli gave Dolly Parton’s hit song an edgier twist. I just love his voice in this track. I can imagine him performing it wearing men’s leather jacket and leggings with heels yet with no makeup. Willam the Rockstar ftw!

STRFKR – It’s good to finally hear an original track from the TranzK girls! One thing that I love about Vicky Vox, Detox and Willam is they do work hard for their performances. I don’t know what you call it in musician’s term, but they do practice for the blending of their voices. They composed this song too. This song is another ‘in-your-face’ track. Detox showcases her awesome rapping skills (oh, catch her on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5!), Willam proves once more that she is a rockstar and I have to admit that Vicky Vox is a favorite. I want to hug her so bad!

She Doesn’t Know – I highly doubt this song is based on Willam’s personal love life, but the song perfectly fits her ‘seductress’ look. ‘She Doesn’t Know’ is all about a girl/boy who is tempting a guy who is in a straight relationship to have an affair with her/him. Sadly, this song reminds me of someone who can relate to the lyrics. This track tackles a serious issue, which makes it worth listening.

Stand By Your Man – Who would’ve thought a country singer and a drag queen can pull this off? It is refreshing to see a drag queen sing a country song and be romantic every once in a while. For some reason, I have this image of Willam wearing Jessica Simpson’s outfit in ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ video lol.

Let’s Have a KaiKai – My favorite parody song of Willam featuring Rhea Litre. It is the type of song I want to sing with my gay friends lol. Also, I have a big crush on Joshua Miller… or Rhea Litre. So cute! This tandem rocks!

Do I regret purchasing this album? Not at all! I hope Willam continues to produce good music because he is really doing a good job as far as his music career is concerned. I am eager to see him collaborate with Manila Luzon. It will top the charts and hopefully, they’d visit Southeast Asia soon… or much better if the visit the Philippines yey 😀

Support Willam Belli by purchasing ‘The Wreckoning’ through his official website. If you want to laugh out loud, make sure to catch the episodes of ‘Beatdown’ on The Stylish Vids YouTube! What makes this online show special? well, he teaches you to be better in applying make-up through the faults of others 😛


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