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Lessons Learned from Drag Queens

‘WHAT?! You have a big crush on a drag queen? That’s the weirdest statement I’ve ever heard in years!”

If a female friend of mine confessed her addiction on drag queens years ago, I’ll instantly give her a strange look. Do you have a serious problem in life that you don’t want me to know yet you can’t handle it? Tell me and I’ll listen. Let’s talk about boy bands instead.

Gurl, I ain't crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

Gurl, I ain’t crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

But no. Actually, my love for drag queens started when I discovered LOGOTV’s Rupaul’s Drag Race. They’re currently airing the 5th season in the US of A and I’m proud to say that a lot of Filipino drag queens made it to the show. The fun part there is they look so pretty with the make-up and glamorous clothes, yet they look equally hot when out of drag. My Top Three favorite queens from all five seasons include Manila Luzon, Willam Belli and Ivy Winters.

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Go Natural with Body Flavors!

Last December 18, I attended the Blog4Reviews Christmas Party. Though I was late for the exchange gifts and raffle draw, I was able to get my own goodie bag courtesy of one of the best organic soaps in the Philippines called Body Flavors.

It is not a secret in the world of vanity that most people would rather use the eco-friendly soaps rather than the commercial ones. Body flavors, which is owned by the very sexy Azenith Badana is one of the fast-rising soap companies today. In fact, they were even featured in Cebu Pacific’s InFlight Christmas 2009 issue.

Body Flavors

Body Flavors

So what is the edge of Body Flavors among it’s competitors? The packaging is very simple yet beautiful. It is perfect for gift-giving or for party and corporate giveaways. The selection of their effective organic soaps is pretty impressive.

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