Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos

PSY invaded not only Asia, but the whole world through his signature dance move Gangnam Style. I first heard about it through Hannah when Nelly Furtado performed this KPOP hit in her concert last month here in Manila. All the while, I thought only Asia is fond of this fun song and dance move. I laughed upon learning that PSY went to the US of A to teach Ellen and Britney Spears his signature Gangnam Style moves. Woohoo!

Bogart The Explorer shows that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!

Almost country have a bundle of Gangnam Style videos to boot – the Philippines included! I also want to make my own version of the Gangnam Style Parody video, but I guess that can wait. For now, let me share some of my favorite Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos I found via Youtube. Enjoy!

MOCHA GIRLS – Gangnam Style Sexy Version

– I think this is the first Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody that reached 1M views. I cannot blame the audience since it is the MOCHA GIRLS that we’re talking about here. The girl group projects a sexy and provocative image, but they can be fun (and a little wholesome… just a little.) too. The only understandable line from the song ‘Hey… sexy lady!’ is applicable to this video. HAHA!

Moymoy Palaboy and the Bubble Gang Crew

Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill are two of the most recognizable YouTube Superstars turned mainstream celebrities. Thanks to their charming lipsync talents, they landed a slot in GMA-7’s Gag Show ‘Bubble Gang’. What I love about them is they never really stopped making videos. Michael V’s presence in this Gangnam Style parody video is the best!

Eric Tai a.k.a. Eruption of It’s Showtime

I am not an avid viewer of the variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ so I am not really familiar on who Eric Tai a.k.a. Eruption is. I can say that he did a good job in this parody video. It’s fun on how he was able to convince some Kapamilya celebrities do dance with him in this video.

Bogart The Explorer – It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Bogart Bogart Bogart proves that it is more fun in the Philippines! If you want to see a ‘deeper’ meaning yet in a light approach on why ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’, you better watch this video!

And yeah, the Call Me Maybe fad is over!

Flaircandy Pole Dance

Hannah Villasis a.k.a. Flaircandy is a pole athlete and we talked about on how we want to make our own Gangnam Style Parody videos. She uploaded this video of her showcasing her pole dancing skills and at the same time projecting the Gangnam Style moves. Can PSY do that? 😛


JemDaHunk became popular in the Pinoy YouTubelandia after his series of ‘How to Dance in a Club’ videos. He is constantly uploading How To videos or simply just making fun of himself. More More More!

Petra Mahalimuyak – Gangnam Style

I have to admit that Ashley Rivera a.k.a. Petra Mahalimuyak’s Gangnam Style Parody Video is my top favorite. This girl is good-looking and talented yet she’s not afraid to make fun of herself in public. I have to admit that her current videos partly made me sad because it is full of advertorials. I’m glad that this specific video is not a ‘sponsored’ video. I miss the old Petra and I’m glad she’s back! Go girl!

Petra Mahalimuyak’s Fun and Fearless Parody of Gangnam Style

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Which among the following videos is your top favorite Pinoy Gangnam Style video?


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