John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo and The Mistress Quotable Quotes

Last Wednesday, Hannah and I met up in our favorite cinema to catch the new John Lloyd Cruz – Bea Alonzo movie entitled ‘The Mistress‘. Just like in last year’s No Other Woman, the cinema almost reached the SRO level. I bought the tickets at 4PM for the 8PM screening. Half of the seats were already booked. Beat that!

One of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz’ intense scenes in ‘The Mistress’

I am glad that we were able to enter the cinema to catch the trailers of ‘This Guy is in Love with You Mare’ (Vice Ganda-Luis Manzano-Toni Gonzaga film) and Suddenly It’s Magic (Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales). We were also relieved that finally, Aga and Regine’s reunion rom-com ‘Of All The Things’ is finally set to be shown on the 26th of September. I am hoping it will do good in the box-office.

I first saw the trailer of The Mistress while watching The Reunion. I am quite surprised upon seeing Bea Alonzo’s onscreen kiss with veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez, and was delighted to see Hilda Koronel after years of hiatus in the industry. Olivia Lamasan is really the best when it comes to mainstream mature dramas.

Here are some of the Quotable Quotes from the movie ‘The Mistress’:

From JD Torres / Eric Torres (John Lloyd Cruz)

John Lloyd Cruz as JD/Eric

Let’s not complicate our lives. Take a shower and go home.

Mistress. Wardrobe mistress. ‘Yan yung tawag sa mga babaeng master cutter.

Sari, Finally. Isang linggo ko rin pinag-isipan ang pangalan mo. Gusto mong magkape? Kasi ako, gusto kong magkape kasama ka.

Kung hindi mo kaya mag-isa, we can be partners.

I know may Mr. Thursday ka na, but i can be your Mr. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at dadating ang Thursday na ‘yun na masasabi mo na… I can be your Mr. Everyday!

Hindi mo malalaman na may kulang kung walang darating na magpupuno.

From Sari (Bea Alonzo)

Bea Alonzo as Sari

Walang babaeng pinangarap maging kabit!

Hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo.

J.D., hindi ako puta!

Siguro sa kunwari nalang natin pwedeng mahalin ang isa’t-isa.

Pakiramdam ko naman walang mali, pero kapag ikaw ang nagsabi parang meron.


From Regina (Hilda Koronel)

Hilda Koronel as Regina

It’s Thursday. It’s the day of the week that hurts me… He is with her every Thursday, every fuckin’ Thursday fuckin’ her.

This my dear is your gift to me. Don’t worry, mas mura pa ‘to kesa balak mong iwan sa kabit mo.

You look like a prostitute than a caregiver.

As long as I am alive, you will never be promoted to wife!!

Yes, I am Mrs. Torres, the wife and the mother of the two men willing to kill each other for this bitch!

Layuan mo ang asawa ko. Tagalog na yan para maintindihan mo!


From Rico (Ronaldo Valdez)

Ronaldo Valdez as Rico

My Gosh. You are so beautiful!

What kind of a son are you?!

I just realized I cannot share you with any man.

Kerida lang kita!

Kung mabuhay man ako ulit, I’ll make sure I’ll never hurt you again.

This is not about what you can or cannot do. It’s about what you should do. Kayanin mo!

^ Play this song for more drama. Char!

Just like the campy No Other Woman, this movie offers a number of catchy quotable quotes. I am glad that Olivia Lamasan was tapped to direct this film. She did well in the Aga-Angel starrer ‘In The Name of Love’. I have to admit though that even if the actors were brillant, I feel that something is lacking in the character building specifically on Sari’s part. The best character build-up is bestowed to JD. Either way, all of them did great in this movie. Even the supporting characters are worth-applauding especially Anita Linda, whose ‘Stand in the Corner!’ moments were fascinating.

Happy 10th Anniversary to the John Lloyd-Bea tandem!

So many movies about cheating! There’s My Neighbor’s Wife, No Other Woman and now, this. I have to be honest that I still don’t agree with people who tend to cheat or those who agree to be a mistress and even acts as if nothing is wrong with the set-up. You are not only hurting the people around you. You are also hurting yourself.

I bet some can relate to the film. I just hope that watching these types of movies won’t promote cheating LOL. I love the ending since it is not sugary or paasa. Well done!

Btw, this is a good 10th year anniversary project for the John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo tandem! I heard that a teleserye is being prepared and our favorite loveteam will be back on primetime soon! The best thing about the JLC-Bea team-up is they stayed true. No need to be in a real relationship to show a good onscreen chemistry as lovers.

And before I forget, I think John Lloyd is sexier with his T-shirt or Polo on teehee.

Have you seen The Mistress? What can you say about the movie?


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