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Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos

PSY invaded not only Asia, but the whole world through his signature dance move Gangnam Style. I first heard about it through Hannah when Nelly Furtado performed this KPOP hit in her concert last month here in Manila. All the while, I thought only Asia is fond of this fun song and dance move. I laughed upon learning that PSY went to the US of A to teach Ellen and Britney Spears his signature Gangnam Style moves. Woohoo!

Bogart The Explorer shows that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!

Almost country have a bundle of Gangnam Style videos to boot – the Philippines included! I also want to make my own version of the Gangnam Style Parody video, but I guess that can wait. For now, let me share some of my favorite Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos I found via Youtube. Enjoy!

MOCHA GIRLS – Gangnam Style Sexy Version

– I think this is the first Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody that reached 1M views. I cannot blame the audience since it is the MOCHA GIRLS that we’re talking about here. The girl group projects a sexy and provocative image, but they can be fun (and a little wholesome… just a little.) too. The only understandable line from the song ‘Hey… sexy lady!’ is applicable to this video. HAHA!

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