On Turning 25 and Other Concerns

I am suffering from mild headache as I type this entry here in my ‘office’. I slept at 3AM, woke up at 12noon for lunch with my grandparents and went back to bed at 2PM. My supposed short nap was extended to four hours. I think oversleeping is the cause of this sudden headache of mine. I thought that a Jollibee meal and a dose of my favorite Iced Mocha can cure me. I guess I’m wrong.

Smooth-sailing at 25.Γ‚

Heavy rain. I want to buy medicine, but the rain is making me lazy. I just finished a Mother’s Day post and the fact that I have a lot of travel-related backlogs makes me want to hit my head on the wall. How can I not blog about these wonderful memories from the past months?

Now that I am stuck here, I will just write and write and write whatever hits my head.

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012 – A.K.A/ My Unofficial Birthday Treat πŸ˜›

I just turned 25 years old last Sunday and I am fortunate to have celebrated it in Davao, which I consider as my other ‘home’ in Mindanao. I may be a Norte kid, but the beauty of Mindanao and its people is just too hard not to love. What’s there to hate anyway?

Before my Davao flight, I was contemplating whether to extend my stay in another country or not. I don’t regret going to Davao for the nth time since it is a trip with my favorite travel buddies. Simple moments like dancing in the boat, camwhoring, eating various types of pancit and drinking milk tea 3x a day makes me happy. I may have passed by the same tourist spots and dining establishments, but hey, I’m happy to be back! I also stayed in a dorm-style room with my friends, where we just laughed and work at the same time. Don’t you just love to spend your time with them? Positive aura ftw!

Also, I ate all sorts of Pancit for long life.


Nomnoming Crepalato's Sanghon before my flight back to Clark

“You will really miss the Philippines once you leave.” a close friend we’ll call Drew told me when I insisted that we pass by Crepelato before I proceed to the airport for my Davao-Clark flight. Some were asking me on why I kept on traveling the past months. I just want to maximize my time because I know that  I need to sincerely fulfill my duties as a daughter. That’s a clue.

Interesting Trip Backlogs

I am fortunate because every trip of mine in the previous months have something unique to contribute in my travelogue.

The Ilocos Norte trip last January made me feel appreciative of my Ilocano roots and the desire to promote the rest of Region 1 was relived. It feels gastronomically satisfying to taste the best Pinakbet and Bagnet again (courtesy of my Uncle hehe) and exploring Pagudpud and its nearby town attractions made me smile and ask myself ‘Why only now?!’


My Favorite Workstation in Alley West, NYDC!

My Thailand – Cambodia trip is another eye-opener. Same same but different. The ruins of Angkor Wat and the nearby temples, Khmer and Thai people, traveling in duo, group and solo in a different country, first dorm-style hostel experience and many, many more. I want to explore Asia more!


River Cruise with the Girls I Love in Bohol

The weekend Cebu-Bohol trip with my close friends last March is a relaxed one. It is a busy trip, but not exhausting. Time to celebrate life in a beautiful island!

Siquijor? Hmmmm…. no need for love potion for me to fall in love with the place. I’m lucky that a friend and his family served as my host and exploring this mystical island on a wrangler makes it more interesting. It also reminded me of my family in some aspects. Can’t wait to blog about it!

Like a kid doing touristy stuff in Gyeongbokgung Palace

South Korea. Woohoo that was short but interesting. Overnight stay at the world’s best airport, people watching, Korea food trip and experiencing the countryside in the POV of an expat. I want to return to South Korea soon and explore more of Seoul and Busan.

Youthful Feel @ 25

I just turned 25 years old but I feel younger. Weird? I dunno. I just feel so young at 25 to the point that I want to take my time. I don’t call it procrastinating since I am trying to jot down some possible ventures where I am still the boss. Chos.

Engagement and Marriage

Two close friends of mine recently got engaged and I’ll be attending a wedding of my high school bestfriend on Wednesday. I am happy that she finally found her match while I still need to look for my first boyfriend. I don’t really want to look. I will just wait for it. No need to rush pero pwede rin please dumating ka na πŸ˜›

Makeover Time!

Just last month, I went to Robinson’s Galleria to visit Envy Me Salon , which is owned by my good friend Donna of KikayMuch.Me. I decided to pay a visit since I am scheduled to leave for Korea on the grand launch date. I was able to meet her brother Buddy again and the staff and crew made me feel at home. I was a bit surprised upon entering the salon because I didn’t really expect that the place is that good! Too bad I left my camera, but i managed to take a few shots from my Netphone 701.

At Envy Me Salon & Spa in Robinson's Galleria - Be careful with my hair, Sir! πŸ˜›

I am not a vain person, but I know the need to at least exert effort. I might as well work on the hair, nails and even my choice of clothes.


6 Steps to Responsible Travel via PhilippineBeaches.Org

Last Thursday, I attended the event of PhilippineBeaches.Org with the advocacy #LeaveNothingButFootprints. I am proud to say that some of my friends are the ones responsible behind this project and I am supporting it! πŸ˜€

PTB supports The Footprints Project!

It also feels good to see some of my co-PTB Bagets again in the said event. I find it rare to see my travel buddies in Metro Manila. Funny, but true πŸ˜›

And oh, I’m wearing a dress! Chos!

Other Projects

While we were stuck in our hotel room in Dumaguete due to the heavy rain, Robbie and I made a unwritten contract (wut?) that we must finish at least one project that is not really related to our blogs or online networks. I am afraid to say that I haven’t started mine and there’s a bunch of ideas in my head. Time to put them into words, project plan and all that eklavus. I can do this!

Morrissey Live in Manila – Fail

I will end this post with a song from Morrissey since I missed his concert here in the Philippines. I’ll just watch his previous live performances on YouTube. Goodnight!

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