Remembering Tyron Perez

The news is out that Tyron Perez, a Starstruck avenger turned Kapamilya actor passed away. I am not sure about the details of his death as I write this post since everything I read on Twitter and Facebook are unconfirmed reports. Whatever the reason is, I am praying for him and his family.

Remember when I blogged about how I loved the first batch of Starstruck? I am an avid supporter of their batch and I think I saw almost every episode. I was in my senior year in high school then. After the Starstruck Ultimate Male and Female Survivors were revealed, the 14 then teenstars started touring around the Philippines making their fans happy.

Tyron Perez (September 14, 1984 - December 29, 2011)

I first met Tyron Perez in a mall show in Dagupan City. He was with Railey Valeroso. I cannot remember exactly on how I was able to contact Tyron (maybe thru Christian or Jade), but I’m glad I went despite the huge crowd. He sang onstage to promote his TV show for GMA-7 (Love to Love). I remember he sang the song ‘Like a Rose’ with that genuine smile on his face. Backstage, you can see the epitome of a typical probinsyano – he was quiet, smiling all the time and a gentleman.

My friend Ruby is a big fan of his so I am more than happy to tag her along (can’t find the pictures now T_T). Tyron and I managed to communicate via text in the succeeding days. Now I figured out why Christian and Jade consider him as one of their closest pals in showbiz.

Fast forward to 2008. SOP went to Dagupan for a mall show and it is timely because Jade Lopez is also a guest for that leg. By that time, Tyron Perez already starred in the critically-acclaimed Twilight Dancers. If I am not mistaken, he is the first Starstruck male alumna who bravely accepted such challenging role. When Jade told me that they will visit me at home after the show, I panicked LOL.

Woot! Starstruck avengers in my room

He arrived and just like our first encounter, he is still this gentleman. He asked me how I am and we started talking about his indie film crossover. He mentioned that he was able to travel because of the film and he had high hopes that GMA-7 will finally notice him and give him good breaks after that movie is shown.

Tyron & Jade

We were all hungry and Jade’s driver is nowhere to be found. Tyron volunteered to drive for us as long as I give him directions. I took some pictures of him and Jade because I wanted them to star in my future projects (never shot nor produced any short film that time yet). I’m just glad that he is cooperative hehe.

Photo op while waiting for our food

He drove from LNU to Plato Wraps Restaurant in Calasiao, Pangasinan. That time, some parts of the road going to the resto were under renovation. While inside the car, we discussed about his showbiz plans and even recalled some of his childhood memories in Tarlac (he was born and raised in Concepcion, Tarlac if I’m not mistaken).

Time to eat our late lunch!

Just like Tyron, Jade, Tita Dida and Jessa, it was my first time to dine in Plato Wraps Restaurant and we kept on laughing when we saw the sign ‘No Picture Taking Allowed’. We disobeyed the rule and the staff were just smiling at us.

From then on, I kept in touch with Tyron thru social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. He loves to cook and travel. I even consulted him one time about connecting flights. He is one of those celebrities who would rather use his free time to travel during long work breaks. There was a time wherein he actively replied to his Twitter followers. He moved to ABS-CBN last year and played an antagonist role in TV shows like ‘Momay’ and ‘Mula sa Puso’. He was last seen in an episode of ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ with Ejay Falcon.

He also wanted to organize a reunion with his Starstruck Batch 1 mates. Early this year, he reunited with his bestfriends Christian, Jade and Cristine in their house. I think he was the one who cooked for them and they all tweeted how Tyron can pass as an effective chef. Mac and I joked that we’re hoping that soon, he will also cook for us.

Recently, I found out that Tyron participated in a celebrity travel challenge in Ilocos, where Jade is also one of the participants. He was even interviewed by PEP about his Christmas plans. It is truly shocking that now, the news site just confirmed that he passed away.

Bon Voyage, Jojo!

Jojo, thank you for the positive vibe. I will always remember you as someone who wants to have a good life, loves to cook and believes in the power of traveling. You indeed lived your life and I am hoping that you reach your next destination.

* Some photos taken from The Tyron Perez Fanpage.


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