JC De Vera: The Prince of TV5 is Shaking it!

THE NEWS IS OUT: JC De Vera, a homegrown talent of GMA-7 is now an official TV-5 Talent.

The news is not a big surprise after all. I bet the followers of the actor would agree with me that they would rather see JC signed in another network than keep him as one of the ‘frozen’ artists of the Kapuso station.

JC De Vera TV5

JC De Vera - TV5's Newest Prince!

I was invited by Kuya Myk to attend the official solo launch of JC De Vera as the newest ‘ka-shake’. With my friend Ada, we went straight to Mario’s Tomas Morato last Wednesday after my shift at work. I must admit that I am a fan of JC.

My admiration for his talent started way back in his Click Barkada days (where he was initially paired with Valerie Concepcion). I saw him transform from a boy-next-door to a serious actor after he appeared in drama shows like Now and Forever, Sinenovela presents Pati ba ang Pintig ng Puso, Pasan ko ang Daigdig , Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita, La Lola and Panday Kids, where he was replaced by another actor recently.

I had the chance to interview JC and just like as what I have observed in the past, he is really accommodating to the reporters and to the fans. I failed to record every sentence that he said, but I’ll give you some information through bulleted list:

JC De Vera TV5

Seryosong sagot sa mga seryosong tanong kay JC De Vera

ON LEAVING PANDAY KIDS: He was more on nanghihinayang because he prepared prior to the shoot of the fantaserye. It was his first primetime fantaserye where he is required to have a certain physique for the character he is portraying. The fact that he is being paired with Jackie Rice is also one of the factors that made him feel excited. Too bad he had to leave the show.

Peace Tayo!

Let there be peace on earth for A & W (gets n'yo?!)

ON LEAVING GMA-7: ‘Relief’ is the perfect adjective. He truly respects GMA-7 and its executives, staff and crew, but it just happened that he was torn between the rift between GMA-7 Executive Wilma Galvante and his manager, Annabelle Rama. His contract expired early March. He and his manager had a mutual decision to just move and shake their way to TV5.

JC and Ada (pwede!)

Si Ada kilig na kilig, o!

ON YASMIEN KURDI AND RHIAN RAMOS:  Yasmien and JC were paired in three consecutive projects and they literally grew together. Just like other onscreen partners who appeared in a number of projects together, both of them felt that they had to go their separate waves and grow as individual artists. There is no bad blood between the two of them, it’s just that they were never given the chance to talk and patch things up. The JC-Rhian tandem of La Lola obviously gained a lot of following. The fans of the tandem were hoping to see them in another project together. Sadly, the network decided to cut their team-up with no apparent reason. That was it though they were hoping they’d be paired again.

JC and Myk

Nasa MYKapalaran na ni JC na makatrabaho si Kuya Myk!

ON TV5, HIS NEW HOME : He is more than happy to be a part of TV5. He even narrated that he has four projects on the way : a gag show, a musical-variety show, a drama anthology (after Maricel Soriano and Ruffa Gutierrez) and a primetime action-drama made specifically for him. Who wouldn’t resist that offer, right?

JC De Vera TV5

Dapat bumongga ang karir ni JC sa Siyete or else lagot kayo kay Bisaya!

ON HIS DREAM ONSCREEN PARTNER ON TV5: When I asked him the question, he said Alex Gonzaga immediately. He expressed that he would love to work with TV-5’s one and only princess in his future projects. Hmmm… why not? I think they will make a good tandem.

So there. If I’m not mistaken, the grand launch for TV5’s newest contract stars will be on March 25. Surely, JC De Vera is a part of it. With all the interesting projects assigned to him, I guess it is safe to say that JC is the new Prince of TV5. Kaya pagbutuhin mo ang pagshe-shake, ha? Goodluck!


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