Nuffnang PH’s Rockeoke Night with Tim and Ming!

Thank God It’s Monday! I was invited by my friends from NuffnangPH to meet Tim and Ming, the young founders of Nuffnang, the leading blog advertising network in Asia! Since most of the Nuffies are Rockeoke regulars at Mag:Net High Street on Mondays (paging Kel, Carlos and Judd!), no wonder they decided to make the first night of Tim and Ming in the Philippines extra special by letting them act like a rockstar even just for a night.

Carlos The Rakista

How do Nuffies do the Rock 'n Roll? Let Carlos teach you lah..

I went there at 10PM (Failed to drink Margarita with them at Agave – Boo!) and as expected, everyone is ready with their song. I will simply present a photostory for you to have an idea on what happened that Nuffy Monday πŸ˜›

Vince and Hannah

Rockeoke Virgin Vince and Rockeoke Veteran Hannah (LOL!)


Parazzi pic of Patty, Boss Ming and Rendell

Maki, Carlos and Shena

Maki, Carlos and Celine waiting for their turn

Nuffnangers from the Philippines


Go Tim!

Go Tim! Pop That Cherry!

Bring Me To Life!

Bring Me To Life!

Quark Henares and JC Medina

Rockeoke Hosts Quark Henares and JC Medina

When in Rockeoke Place with Vince and Hannah

When in Rockeoke, you have to write more songs!- Hannah to Vince LOL


Spice Nuffies singing Wannabe Onstage!

Carlos is a Rockstar!

Carlos is a Real Rockeoke Rockstar! Sweet Child of Mahahahaaaayn....

You're my butterfly, sugar, honey

Reminiscing Crazy Town's Butterfly, Sugar and Honey

Kel and Tim

Nuffnang's Kel and Tim

Tim and Mica (with extras Celine and Hector)

Tim and Mica with Celine and Hector at the back LOL

Some of us had to leave after the first set. I wasn’t able to sing my solo song, but at least I had fun singing ‘Wannabe’ with the girls! πŸ˜›

Shawarma at Midnight

Kebab Kebab's Regular Shawarma at Midnight

I was able to hangout with Maki’s mom and brother at Kebab Kebab before going home to work πŸ˜› Though my day at work was a bit stressful, i am happy to rock with the nuffies after more than a month of not doing so. I truly missed the rockeoke monday habit!

I’m still waiting for Judd/Bong/Bart/Hector/Pakshet to upload the compilation video of Rockeoke performances that night as I type this entry. Will post all related links as well πŸ˜›


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