Filling Empty Spaces

Sandra Bullock in All About Steve

We have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces. – Sandra Bullock as Mary, All About Steve


I have to fill this empty space later. I’m still at work but I really want to blog about it ASAP.

Again, I will fill this empty space tonight.





After 15 hours, I’ll update this part.

Filling empty spaces can be compared to a crossword and i’m sleepy. It’s 7:30AM


7:30AM Bedroom


I think its about time that I update this part for real πŸ˜€

Last week, I got the chance to attend the Philippine movie premiere of All About Steve at Glorietta 4 Cinema 5 together with my officemates. Our editor invited me the last minute and even asked me to invite some friends. I didn’t want to go at first, but meh, free dinner and movie tickets to a Sandra Bullock movie? Why not?

So there we went from Quezon Ave to Ayala to watch All About Steve, which is a story about a Mary Horowitz, a crossword puzzle contructor who can’t shut her mouth by stationg lots of facts thus making her an intelligent yet creepy girl in some people’s opinion. She was set up in a blind date with Steve, a news cameraman who finds her weird. It even reached the point wherein she feels like their an item, yet he feels that she is stalking him!

To be honest, I don’t really consider the love angle between Steve and Mary as the most interesting part of the film. I really love the script and some of its lines that made everyone laugh out loud and realize that ‘yeah, that is true. it is true!’


Here are some of my favorite quotable quotes from the movie:

On Steve trying to avoid Mary:

Steve: I’m a guy. We say things we don’t mean!

Mary: Well, then how will I know you mean what you’re saying now when you said you didn’t mean what you said?

On Steve saying how grateful Mary is:

She sees things that other people don’t, but she doesn’t pretend she’s somebody’s she’s not

When Steve realized how special Mary is:

Mary, don’t ever change for anybody

On Mary Seducing Steve:

I will eat you like a mountain lion.

Mary on Love

Find someone as normal as you.

And now my favorite line in the movie is…

“We have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces.” – Mary on Crosswords and Life.

Yeah. That’s true. Human beings have this natural cumpulsion to fill empty spaces. An example is in solving a crossword puzzle. We try to figure out the answers by finding the right words and we’ll never really achieve satisfaction as long as we see empty letter boxes at the crossword. Our jeepney drivers don’t really want to travel whenever they see a vacant seat at the jeepney. At rush hours in the MRT train, people try so hard to fit in the limited space alloted for them.

Mary in All About Steve

Filling empty spaces is also applicable to our family, friends, career, life and love. If a person is from a broken-family, he/she tends to fill the emptiness he/she feels in his/her life. There are times wherein we are not really satisfied with the time and attention our friends give to us. We want more. We crave for more. We also need to feel the fulfillment in our respective careers especially those who are employed in big companies seeking for promotion and of course, in our love lifes. We want to fill the space in our hearts and lives with unconditional love that only one person can fulfill – whether that is emotionally, physically, spiritually or any other adjective with -lly.

It took me two days to update this entry. On my first attempt, I published it as a password-protected post simply because I was busy at work. I fell asleep on my second attempt and now, I am quite satisfied because I was able to fill this spacious password protected entry with words. How compulsive is that, eh? =P

‘All About Steve’ is now being shown in the Philippines. Go on and fill the spaces at the cinemas by watching a funny yet educational movie from our darling, Sandra Bullock.


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