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Random Thoughts of an Uninspired Blogger

An uninspired blogger is pushing herself to write random thoughts to bring her blog groove back. There’s a dozen of pending posts at the draft section and all she does is write a short introduction, think of an awesome title and clicks the draft button. Nice. I wonder when she’ll ever publish those posts.

Where is my Pocketful of Sunshine hiding? Take me Away!

See, this uninspired blogger is turning twenty four years old. She’s been lazy, unproductive and sad the past few days and the bad thing there is she can’t really figure out why she feels that way. Is it because she’s still in-denial that she’s once again away from her family? Is it because of the sudden twist of events that made her face the bittersweet taste of reality? Is it because of the hot weather? Is it because she’s making too much excuses right now and she’s being unreasonable?

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Filling Empty Spaces

Sandra Bullock in All About Steve

We have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces. – Sandra Bullock as Mary, All About Steve


I have to fill this empty space later. I’m still at work but I really want to blog about it ASAP.

Again, I will fill this empty space tonight.





After 15 hours, I’ll update this part.

Filling empty spaces can be compared to a crossword and i’m sleepy. It’s 7:30AM


7:30AM Bedroom


I think its about time that I update this part for real 😀

Last week, I got the chance to attend the Philippine movie premiere of All About Steve at Glorietta 4 Cinema 5 together with my officemates. Our editor invited me the last minute and even asked me to invite some friends. I didn’t want to go at first, but meh, free dinner and movie tickets to a Sandra Bullock movie? Why not?

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