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I can still recall my high school days. I was once addicted to creating fan sites for my favorite local celebrities which includes Cogie Domingo, Tanya Garcia among others. As a newbie webmistress, I registered a number of accounts at Geocities. Because of this, I managed to avail a number of unlimited hosting accounts at Dreamhost.


Mr. Alleba and Micamyx the fangirl :P

Mr. Alleba and Micamyx the fangirl 😛



Search Engine Optimizations and blogs are not yet popular way back. I had to submit the URLs of my fansites manually for my site to be visible at the search results.

One of the search engines which offers site directories which is created and maintained by a Filipino is Alleba. I remember inserting a code at the homepage of my fansites to be approved by the moderator. I was jumping for joy when one day, I found my links at the site directory. 

Now fast forward to 2008: I attended the iBlog4 and one blogger told me that Andrew dela Serna, the guy behind is in the place. I finally saw the guy behind the search engine. I met the Davao bloggers like Ria, Blogie and Winston, but I wasn’t introduced to Mr. Alleba 🙁

Then I saw him again at Wordcamp 2008. Jehzlau narrated some stories about him weeks before the event. I’m not really sure if Jehz introduced me to him this time. All I can remember is that I smiled at him like a shy fan girl LOL.

Mr. Alleba and I became online friends mainly because of Jehz. Something happened last year that made me really worry much. Later on, Mr. Alleba became my Koya and I confessed my fandom 😛


Jeff, Winston, Drew and Mica

Jeff, Winston, Drew and Mica



Last April, I finally got the chance to really talk to him face-to-face. We had a number of adventures and misadventures together with Winston and Jeff. Last month, I realized that Mr. Alleba is a real Kuya because he got mad at me. Oh well, kasalanan ko din and i’m glad he did. 😀

Today, my Koya Drew turns ** years old. Happy Birthday to you! 

Here’s my wish for you: I am hoping you’d get married next year. Wag muna this year magtatampo ako LOL 😛

Aabangan ka na namin sa Sunday Huzzah! 😀


15 thoughts on “Mr. Alleba

  1. Micamyx Post author

    @Winston – Hehe mukhang bata at isip bata 😛

    @Drew – Weeee happy birthday ulit idol! 😀

    @Aileen Apolo – Hehehe sana nga matupad 😀

  2. jaydj

    hanef ! a blogpost about a blogger ! at fan ka pala ha !

    when i was a webmaster for an ISP before and di pa uso ang tawag na SEO, it was my responsibility to add client’s websites to search engines and was one of them i added sites onto. who knew the owner would eventually become a very good friend 😉

    cheers to mr. alleba, and happy birthday !

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Melo – Woot 😀

    @Jehz – IKR. Actually, I don’t really want him to get married… yet LOL

    @Jaydj- Yup. Fangirl hehe waaaah ngayon kuya-kuyahan ko na 😛

    @Drew – Spoiler amf.

  4. Ms. CandyBlush

    Wow, I am new with the SEO thing. I used another website for it, at wala akong clue mashado if tama gngwa ko haha! btw, happy birthday to Mr. Alleba 🙂

  5. Kelvin Servigon

    Yey! Happy bday to him, hehe, dq sya kilala..pero kikilalanin q din… LOLs

    congrats sau ate mica to met a friend like them! cheers! 😀

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