Reality Wedding by Buddy Gancenia


I remember the first time I met Buddy Gancenia, a famous Filipino wedding videographer during his short lecture on video editing at Discovery Suites. He showed to us some of his sample works and my, I am really impressed! I even joked around that if ever I’ll get married with my prince charming someday, I want him to do the memorable event.

I got the chance to work with him early this year for my first ever short film. I know that he is best known by his clients and by bloggers because of his wedding videography works, but I can say that he can soon venture into other means of video coverage. Sir Buddy is also easy to work with – he is quiet but he is also strict. He can perfectly embody a professional wedding videographer – I swear!

We all know that June is Bride’s month. If you are looking for a trusted guy to do your wedding video with a unique feel and experience, I do recommend Buddy Gancenia Reality Wedding! Why? Hmmmm… Aside from they have a guaranteed time frame on when you can view your fully-edited wedding video, his works usually feature before the wedding, behind the scenes and bonding moments. You want to make your wedding memorable with real captured moments stored on a video, right?

Found below is a video sample of one of his works. 

You cant to experience a Reality Wedding video coverage? They can give you that! Experience the fun, the drama, the adventure and mixed emotions of getting hitched! I bet you want to get married as early as now after watching the video.


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