Lessons Learned From Gran Torino

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1. The Sad Reality About Kids These Days – Though I laughed at the first scene wherein four kids were doing some wrong stuff inside the church, I actually found the scene very disappointing. Why? I know that kids these days tend to just go to the church for the sake of just going there or because their parents demanded them to do so. You must also serve your elders wholeheartedly. Love them. Take good care of them or the easiest thing that you can do is just RESPECT them. I think that’s enough.

2. True Friendship is not defined by age or race – The friendship that grew between Walt and Todd is a very sincere one.

3. Learn to Forgive Yourself – I think the main reason why most people can’t find the true meaning of happiness is simply because they tend to not forgive themselves in the past mistakes they’ve done.

4. You want peace? Killing and Violence is NOT the answer – Walt is a retired veteran from the war. He killed at least 13 people in Korea. When the young boy asked him how it feels like to kill, he told him “You wouldn’t want to know”. Isn’t it Ironic that the guy who used to kill people in order to survive years ago died in a violent way with him only holding a not-so-scary weapon? Another thing: Don’t join the gangtah’z because a ganstah’z life ain’t cool yah know? U wouldn’t wanna get f***** up at jail with all the s***niz uv done f****** other peepz lives yo? nyok πŸ˜€

5. Calm Down and Plan Ahead – If you want to achieve something, you must plan ahead. Don’t make decisions when you are mad as you tend to screw it all up. You can even plan ahead on how you want to die with dignity.

The movie started out with full of racism, angst and stuff, but all the attendees of the movie premiere were quiet towards the end of the movie.

This scene reminded me of my grandfather. Shopping for the necessary tools and paying after getting your first pay check LOLClint Eastwood is such a wonderful actor. I heard that Gran Torino is probably his last as an actor (I hope not!) Did I also tell you that he directed and produced the film too? Wah. How I love watching films wherein tough guys turns out to be the most sensitive man at the end of the movie.

Movie Bloggers at the Special Screening of Gran Torino Feb 3, 2009 at The Podium

Clint Eastwood The DirectorI now consider Gran Torino as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. The movie might now have some special effects or fast racers, but the film will surely drive your emotions crazy.

Want to know if the movie is worth it? Ask them as they know better =)


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