10 Random Questions

Been sitting here for more than two hours yet I can’t decide on which topic I should blog about. 

I’ll ask 20 Random Questions instead and I am hoping you’d answer them 😀


1. Don’t you just miss being a child again? Way back, we were required by our parents to play and have fun and . Today, we are obliged to face our responsibilities. No time for play, limited time for fun.

2. Should I wear glasses? I bought one two years ago but lost it after two weeks of purchase. I am having headaches from time to time for the past weeks already. Arg. Noooo. I dun wanna wear one :'(

3. Is coffee really bad for our health? I’ve been addicted to coffee since I was in third year college. Some of my college friends call me “Mocha” because of that addiction. Some of my close blogger friends know that I will order either hot or cold mocha everytime we visit UCC, Starbucks, Figaro, Gloria Jeans and Krispy Kreme.

4. How do you cook Adobo? I love Adobo, but I don’t really know how to cook the popular Filipino dish. A friend of mine asked that question awhile ago and I felt bad when I all I can say is “Ibabad mo daw sa toyo at suka na may kasamang bawang..”. What’s the next step? I dunno LOL.

5. Should I allot enough time to learn how to cook? I am Ms. Instant. Marunong lang akong magluto ng kanin, magpakulo ng itlog, magpainit ng instant pansit/pansit canton at magprito ng hotdog. 

6. When will I use my free tickets to Coron, Palawan? I joined a writing contest of SEAIR last year and luckily, I won six roundtrip tickets. Yes, SIX TICKETS! I wanted to use them with my grannies, but they’re a bit busy these days. I remember how excited I was way back wanting to win so bad in that contest. How come I’m not using it? Wah.

7. Why do I tend to get attracted to gay/bi males? Chatted with one of my ex-crushes and we talked about the past – the days wherein I had a crush on him. He expressed how touched he was when he read one of the blog entries I wrote about him last year. Too bad hanggang dun lang. He also asked me why I am attracted to his type LOL.

8. What’s the difference of “hoping” and “making assumptions”? Please answer. I can’t really differentiate. If you are hoping, you are also making assumptions or you can’t help but make assumptions just like now. You know, me making assumptions that they have the same meaning ~_~

9. What will happen on February 14? It’s Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day. Three years ago, I went out with my brother and ate at Jollibee. Two years ago, Carlo and I ordered our favorite Jollibee meal. Last year, I attended Katrina Halili’s Fashion show together with Kenjo and Lecel. What will happen this year? Hmmm.

10. Why can’t I post everything I have in mind? No need to elaborate.


That’s all for now. Please answer 😀


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  1. Lizz

    In response to number 2– if you’re getting headaches and can’t wear glasses, you should wear contacts! 🙂 It’s really hard to lose those. 😉


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