Dare To Fail!

On my way to an event last night, I encountered a problem on my mobile phone. I couldn’t send and receive text messages. I couldn’t even delete some of the messages. I then realized that I already have 2, 500 + messages on my inbox alone (am too lazy to delete haha sorry). So there.

I didn’t want to delete all the contents of my inbox because about 1/4 of the messages are very important to me like account numbers, email addresses etc. While I was on our booth, I scanned through all the messages and found some simple yet important advices.

One of which is a text message from a friend two weeks ago. I was ranting on how things didn’t turn out well that week. I was blaming myself too much and partly, I blamed him. He told me that having such feeling is normal especially when you are pressured to do well on a specific task. I actually admire how he manages to smile despite all the problems he had encountered in his life. To cope up with stress and loneliness, I usually cry alone or blog about what happened then later on, i’m ok.

I told him that I never, ever want to fail again. Failure makes a lot of people feel depress especially to those who can’t cope up with such situations alone. His reply is short but worth remembering:


When I read that message that night, it somewhat made me smile. No, I don’t really want to fail at what I’m doing. It’s just that I realized that every failure teaches you a lesson. It’s up to you on how you’re going to deal with it.

Let me give you an example:

A few days ago, i attended an event where we were all given the chance to do carting. The last time I tried it was when I was 10 years old in Subic. I was pretty nervous that’s why I ended up getting bumped for more that five times. The facilitators even approached me twice and asked if I’m ok. I said I am though I felt embarrased already.

When I got out of the engine, one of the facilitators approached me and asked if i’m ok. I apologized for the messy thing I did. He then told me what I should and shouldn’t do in carting. I listened to him and expressed my concerns. He then gave me a smile and told me that i shouldn’t be discouraged. When you are a slow starter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a slow driver forever. It takes a lot of practice and you should learn from your mistakes.

During the race part, my team mates wanted me to do more lapse, but I told them I could only do about five. While driving, I managed to drive slowly but surely. I even managed to block some of the members of the other teams LOL. We lost but at least we experienced something really new to us and for me, I dared to fail and i learned from it.

Last month, I commited a mistake at work. I used to complain about how I hate myself for commiting such error. Now, I dared to learn from my failure and I managed to do something about it.

In my lovelife, I met a number of guys and fell something special with each of them but none of them became my boyfriend. Now, I dare myself to meet more people while I am not yet ready to commit.

In terms of my family, I dared to be independent as I enter the corporate world. I used to think that I couldn’t do it without Carlo. I then dared to set him free and I dared to live on my own. At least I learned.

Now I can say that I succeeded in learning after I dared to fail. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Dare To Fail!

  1. Ada

    Everyone of us has a special talent. I mean it that I lack physical talent such as dancing and karting LOL :lol:, but I mean it that I have a special talent in singing and arts. Whahaha!

    Like you, writing is your special talent. Life is soo good that experience teaches us not to fail anymore.

    Nice blog MICA!

  2. Ruby

    sisteret! musta ka na? hindi ka pa rin nagbabago di ka pa rin sumusuko at mabait ka pa rin ^_^ ikamusta mo ako kay tita brends, ate virgie at kay carlo taba ha miz u sis ingat

  3. Jan

    Mas madali matuto tao sa failure. Once you get burned for a mistake you did, the stage is set for some serious thinking. And so we gain insights, and strength of character even if we suffer humiliation because of our mistakes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.


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