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Dare To Fail!

On my way to an event last night, I encountered a problem on my mobile phone. I couldn’t send and receive text messages. I couldn’t even delete some of the messages. I then realized that I already have 2, 500 + messages on my inbox alone (am too lazy to delete haha sorry). So there.

I didn’t want to delete all the contents of my inbox because about 1/4 of the messages are very important to me like account numbers, email addresses etc. While I was on our booth, I scanned through all the messages and found some simple yet important advices.

One of which is a text message from a friend two weeks ago. I was ranting on how things didn’t turn out well that week. I was blaming myself too much and partly, I blamed him. He told me that having such feeling is normal especially when you are pressured to do well on a specific task. I actually admire how he manages to smile despite all the problems he had encountered in his life. To cope up with stress and loneliness, I usually cry alone or blog about what happened then later on, i’m ok.

I told him that I never, ever want to fail again. Failure makes a lot of people feel depress especially to those who can’t cope up with such situations alone. His reply is short but worth remembering:


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