Though my beloved Black wallet was stolen in the MRT last Tuesday morning, I can say that I didn’t have a bad day at all.

I went to Kimono Ken at Tomas Morato at lunch time for the mini-presscon of Rakista director Quark Henares. See, I’ve been a fan of Quark since he wrote and directed the movie Keka, which I consider as one of the best Filipino movies of all time mainly because of the unique concept, great actors (I didn’t see Katya Santos as a Viva Hot Babe in that movie) and because of some coincidence in the names of the main characters.

Moving on..

I’ve known Quark online two years ago because he is one of my LJ contacts. I constantly commented on his posts and he also did in some of my entries (especially the Super Noypi-related ones LOL). I finally met him just last May 2008 in a birthday party at Mag:Net Cafe and yep, na-starstruck ako! I never thought that he can can really entertain the guests well with his “Straight” and “Gay” version of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”.

Last year, I read his post regarding his new baby entitled “Rakenrol”. It is an indie movie about bands and all that. The movie stars Glaiza De Castro, Jason Abalos, Ketchup Eusebio, Alwyn Uytingco and Diether Ocampo. I heard that they only have two shooting days left and the movie might be released anytime next year.

So while working on a number of stuff which includes teaching college students, taking photos at blow-up babies, rocking the rockeoke nights of Mag:net Cafe, directing music videos and tvs and writing scripts for his upcoming projects, he managed to direct and produce TV-5’s RAKISTA.

RAKISTA is being shown every Thursday night at 7pm with replays on Sundays at 1pm. It stars Carlo Aquino (Caloy), Denise Laurel (CC), Rea Nakpil (Bebe), Alcris Galura (Nix), Charles Christianson (Ted) and Wincy Ong (Sven).

Carlo Aquino as Caloy

Here are some random facts about the show:

* The role Caloy is really intended for Carlo Aquino. The producers handpicked him because of his talent as an actor and as a musician.

Rea Nakpik as Bebe

* The role Bebe was originally intended for Arci Munoz, but she has an existing show in her home studio on the same time slot. Good friend and co-Starstruck Avenger Rea Nakpil replaced her. They never thought that Rea looked so HOT in her Emo image!

* How did Wincy Ong bagged the role of the artist-slash-weirdo-slash-drummer of The Loveteam named Sven? Hmmm… Just by being himself 😀

Alcris Galura as Nix

* Alcris Galura is also handpicked by the people behind the show. He proved his worth in a number of indie movies and he is also the sister of Glaiza De Castro.

Charles Christianson as Ted

* Remember the voice over in every episode? The guy behind the mystery voice is Radioactive Sago Project’s Lourd de Veyra.

* Rakista was created and conceptualized by Quark Henares and Diego Castillo of Sandwich.

* The group Spongecola will appear in one of the upcoming episodes so better watch out!

* The original music of the show was composed by Diego Mapa (Cambio) and Mikey Amistoso (Ciudad).

A lot of questions were asked to Direk Quark which includes:

How’s your Dad doing? (Atom Henares)?

Do you do directorial jobs for your mom and sister for free?

What is the cause of your “rift” with ex-Rivermaya vocalist Rico Blanco?

The answers? Akin na lang yun LOLZ :p

UPDATED: Here’s the scene where Sven met Raimund in the backstage. Laughtrip haha 😀

Please do watch Rakista tonight. It’s their 8th episode featuring the Eraserheads Reunion Concert (yes, they did tape the episode in the concert itself!). The Loveteam band are trying to get some tickets to be able to watch their favorite band ever.

Wincy Ong and Raymund Marasigan also had their own “moment” LOL. Better watch weeee 🙂


11 thoughts on “RAKENROL MGA RAKISTA!

  1. Micamyx Post author

    @nan – Ganda ni Bebe dun sa last episode. Hindi ako Emo!

    2nd Commenter – Sure… but what’s your name?

  2. Kevin

    LOL I don’t have a TV at the dorm (and if I do, I’d still prefer not to watch any tv show..) but I’ll check this one out.

    If I’m not mistaken, Quark Henares also directed one of my favorite music videos, Sugarfree’s “Burnout”. 😛

  3. wanderlust

    heyyy wala lang i upload the rakista episodes.. shempre alam nina quark ito… (:

    margaux here..
    of carloaquino.net & kollide@multiply

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