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Random Thoughts at 4 in the Morning

I’m currently listening to Gwen Stefani’s ‘4 in the Morning’ as I write this entry. It’s 3:56am as I type these words. That simply means that four minutes from now, it will be 4AM here in the Philippines. The time stamp of my blog is not accurate though LOL.

Shoot us and we'll shoot you!

Shoot us and we'll shoot you!

Last week, I went to Cebu with the Nyokers. The trip is very memorable for all of us. Photo walks, food tripping, camwhoring, emo moments, videoke, kimmy dora and much more. I want to blog about the said trip but sadly, the photos are not yet up. For the meantime, I’m just giving you an idea that I had fun with the last Cebu trip. If you want to know more, I will look into it.  I’ll get back to you. I’ll give you an update. RAWR! 😀

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