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SOS by Solenn Heussaff – An Album Review

I’ve blogged about Solenn Heussaff a couple of times. I just love this girl!

Just two months ago, the French-Filipina celebrity launched her sophomore album entitled ‘SOS’ or ‘Sinner Or Saint’. Her first album was a success. I was even invited on the music video shoot for the song ‘Our First Time’. Her kindness and jolly personality stuck on my mind. Who wouldn’t want to support her anyway?

Is Solenn Heussaff a Sinner or Saint?

Is Solenn Heussaff a Sinner or Saint?

I bought a digital copy of SOS via iTunes. I listened to the preview snippets and I loved it!

SOS contains 10 original tracks and 2 revivals. Boy band fanatics have the reason to dance with her own version of Backstreet Boys’ “All I Have to Gove” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River”.

The carrier single from the album is entitled “Diva”. It is a tagalog song about a female celebrity who acts as if she’s the most important woman in the world. The music video is quite queer and colorful! Another song with a twist is “Never Met a Man”, which Solenn co-wrote.

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Richard Gutierrez: Let the Seduction Begin!

Richard Gutierrez is everywhere nowadays. For weeks now, he’s been busy promoting his new film entitled ‘Seduction’, which serves as Regal Films’ opening Salvo for 2013. The movie is the movie comeback project of veteran director Peque Gallaga. It is a sexy-drama full of love, lust and desire.

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati

The Seduction of Richard Gutierrez

Chard started out as a child actor (together with his twin brother Raymond, who is a successful TV host now). He took a brief hiatus from showbiz and emerged as one of the most important homegrown talents of the Kapuso network. He was re-introduced via the Saturday teen-oriented show, Click. I remember his character name was Enzo and he was paired with Mimi (played by Chynna Ortaleza). Can you still remember who his twin sister in the show is? Yep, Angel Locsin as Charley. As an avid viewer of the show way back, I wished they never casted Richard and Angel as siblings because they’d make a good onscreen couple.

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Sosy Problems – Understanding the Super Duper Upper Class

Last night, Hannah and I met up to watch ‘Sosy Problems‘, GMA Films’ official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars my favorite Kapuso stars namely Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King and Rhian Ramos under the direction of Andoy Ranay.


Don’t Panic, It’s Organic!

Honestly, I am not expecting Sosy Problems to be in the Top 3 of the top-grossing films for this year’s MMFF. It is fun to see it on the line-up because I love chick flicks, although I can say that some of the Filipino films released in the previous years with the same genre failed big time. Let’s just say that the casting for this movie is perfect because the four lead stars are known for being ‘sosyal’ in real-life. No need to exert much effort. Some mainstream film companies tend to adjust the script for the sake of the artist the producer wants to cast.

The cinema lobby is filled with ‘upper class teenagers’ when I lined up for tickets. Target Market. Check.


First of all, let me complain about the trailer. The first trailer uploaded online doesn’t give justice to the film. I don’t see the point of using Gwen Stefani’s ‘Luxurious’ The song is louder than the audio. Boop Boop. Not right. They could’ve used one of Solenn’s songs instead.

Sosy Problems shows kaartehan, but with a heart. I’ll try to present it in the best way I can through the lead characters:

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