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Movie Review: Maybe This Time (Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo)

Star Cinema is definitely the main source of Pinoy RomComs with English titles inspired by old songs revived by a local singer. Like its title and theme song, the concept of ‘Maybe This Time’ is not new. There’s the probinsyano meets kolehiyala angle where the two end up falling for each other only to be separated by someone’s intervention. Years later, they meet again. Maybe this time they’ll be a couple once and for all… Maybe This Time.


Two old friends meet again..

Two old friends meet again..


Ate Lenny is a big Coco Martin fan that’s why I’ve decided to treat her for a movie night on the first night of showing. This better be good!


I didn’t expect much from this movie, which is a good thing. We all know that Sarah Geronimo is the RomCom Queen of Philippine Movies (sorry Toni Gonzaga!) and we just love her antics. Coco Martin is a respected teleserye actor, but his timing in comedy is yet to be tested.

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