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Blogger’s Choice Special Award

After campaigning for my blogger friends for their respective contests, I think its about time that I campaign for myself LOL.

I am creating this blog post to declare my intent to join in Philippine Blog Awards ‘09’s Bloggers’ Choice Special Award (National). Why am do I want to join? Because I can! Hehehe =)

Since it is a Special Award to be determined according to the votes of the bloggers, I am hoping that you’d consider me in this category. Thank you in advance woot! =)

The 2nd Philippine Blog Awards 2008

Do you remember the 21st night of September? *Insert dancing banana icon here 100x*

After months of waiting, The 2nd Philippine Blog Awards finally pushed through on the 21st night of September, 2008 at OneEsplanade.

I remember arriving on the venue at around 4:45pm. I saw a lot of familiar bloggers waiting outside and all the sponsors were busy setting up their respective booths. The organizers and volunteers were tired since most of them were already fixing the venue at 9am, but you can really see the passion and drive to make this awards night extra special.

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