Blogger’s Choice Special Award

After campaigning for my blogger friends for their respective contests, I think its about time that I campaign for myself LOL.

I am creating this blog post to declare my intent to join in Philippine Blog Awards ‘09’s Bloggers’ Choice Special Award (National). Why am do I want to join? Because I can! Hehehe =)

Since it is a Special Award to be determined according to the votes of the bloggers, I am hoping that you’d consider me in this category. Thank you in advance woot! =)


5 thoughts on “Blogger’s Choice Special Award

  1. Donna Fuentes

    Hi Mica!

    You’ll be one of the speakers of the Mini-iBlog Summit at Consumer Electronics Live! Manila 2009, right?

    Hope you can blog about it as well. =)

    The iBlog Summit is already posted at It’s also posted in the leading titles of Summit Media Magazines Oct. issues (Cosmopolitan, FHM, Top Gear, Entrepreneur, Real Living, Yummy, etc.).


    – Donna

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  3. Making Money Online Philippines

    Great blog Mica, the theme is fresh. Great layout too. Good luck, hope you win in the awards!

    Too bad, I think my blog doesn’t fit any category. Nonetheless, it’s great to learn that there are a lot of Pinoy bloggers.

    It is my vision that Filipinos will dominate the internet industry in two years time. If Pinoy bloggers will unite, this will be realized.

    Good luck!

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