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Top 10 Kylie Minogue Music Videos

Kylie Minogue is the Aphrodite of Pop Music. With a colorful career spanning more than 30 years, this goddess is one of the very few lucky ones to start a career as a teen actress in a popular soap opera to pop superstar that she is today.

Kylie Minogue

Last month, my family and I drove to Brighton for the Pride in the Park 2019 show which is one of the highlights of Brighton Pride 2019. Why is it a highlight? Well, Kylie Minogue is the headliner!

The LGBTQ+ community consider Kylie as one of their icons. It is so easy to understand why: From her ballads to her dance tunes to her fashion style and her music videos, she is truly adored and loved by her fanbase.

Speaking of music videos, I thought of sharing my own list of Top 10 Kylie Minogue Music Videos. I never thought it will be this hard! I do applaud her and the whole Kylie team for making the magic happen!

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Bring Me Back My Childhood! – Girl Power Domination

I am a certified 90’s kid. I am one of those kids who learned how to use the internet just to search for the pictures of her favorite musicians. I don’t deny that I sent my first fax message ever by paying Php100 in an internet cafe just to request the song ‘Viva Forever’ in MTV’s Most Wanted. I even sent an artwork to that show in Singapore hoping VJ Sonia, VJ Sarah or our very own VJ Donita would read it one day. It never happened LOL.

These girls saved my life without them knowing it

I also sent lots of emails for the show MTV Select to request for a Spice Girls video. Yes, I am a crazy fanatic like that. I have their posters all over my room and I collected second hand music magazines from my cousin based in Metro Manila (I grew up in Dagupan City). One day, my email request was granted and it was VJ Sarah who read it. I wonder where she is now?

The Spice Girls taught me a lot, but that deserves a special post. What I want to do right now is reminisce some of the girl bands that made my childhood extra special with their singing and dancing skills, awesome dance videos and oh-sp-gorgeous bodies!
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