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Life and Sunsets

Last week was a pretty tough week for me. No, I didn’t have any direct problems nor caused one. There are just some things in life that you cannot really control. Life is not a computer program where you can debug when you encounter some errors. It is not a full-length movie where you can edit out some parts that you find dragging. Life is a gift that we are lucky to have, no matter how happy or down we are feeling at the moment.

Manila Bay Sunset (January 2010)

I’ve been pushing myself to write a decent blog post or a short screenplay for that matter. I end up trying to figure out what I should be blogging about. I am eager to blog about my UK Trip, but recent events made me temporarily loose that happy momentum. It will be back one day. I just don’t need to force it. I also found some of my unfinished screenplays and I’m thinking of rewriting one that I started three years ago. The story is quite applicable to what is happening around me now. I can impart more justice to my main character.

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In a Clean but Lost State

Last night, i wrote a draft entry about my Birmingham-Dubai-Manila flight via Emirates Airlines. The whole flight, which lasted for approximately 18 hours is a tiring one. I am happy though because I saw my Nyok friends waiting for me at the airport. O yes, I was in the same flight where Spongecola and Pupil band were and some of the OFWs who were rescued from Libya.

Do you know where you're going to?

I won’t be publishing that one for now, but i will on my other blog. I simply want to express the things that are bothering me as I step back to the country.

After three months, i am again lying in my bed – i have one electric fan, two green pillows and a regular bed sheet. I am back to wearing shorts and not pajamas. I don’t wear socks anymore and i don’t need any heater to keep the whole room warm. I am seriously back in my own room. The thought of being back is good, but i rather feel empty.

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Homecoming Jitters – Random Thoughts and Realizations

Three months in England. Wow. Is that for real? Yes, I am on my way to my third month in England and sadly, I am scheduled to leave soon. I am having mixed emotions right now. Remember my blog entry about my travel jitters prior to my trip here? Ironically, I am going through the same thing. Now I call it ‘Homecoming Jitters’.

Wishful Thinking

Some of my mom’s friends told me that I should not go here in United Kingdom on a Winter because of the weather. Guess what? They were right! My body is not used to the very, very, very cold weather and I needed to adjust asap. Now I know that Gloves, Boots, Scarfs and Warmers are not being used for fashion purposes only. It is a necessity. It is not even enough to keep your body warm especially last December. I ended up getting colds after playing with the snow when I was in Cardiff, Wales. I literally rolled on the snowed floor in a public park. That resulted to my home arrest for two weeks.

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