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Life Wish – The Edge of Fear and Joy

Death is a subject that most people wouldn’t want to talk about or rather, think about. As much as possible, we would like to avoid discussing it. In reality, we cannot even predict our own death. It is something that we cannot control. There are different types of death, but untimely death is one that gives us too much shock and we can’t even figure out how we can possibly move on.

DO the DanO and live it up... Life is too short not to!

“Dearest Emma, my love for you is higher than the highest of peaks! Love, Dad,” right above where is says “DON’T LET YOUR FEARS STAND IN THE WAY OF YOUR DREAMS.”

– Dan Osman poster message to daughter Emma.

Earlier, a Facebook contact of mine shared a video about Dan Osman. The name is quite familiar, but i am not sure why. I clicked on the YouTube link and wow, this man is amazing! How can he possibly do that speed rock climbing without ropes and safety gear? I then remember that my father showed a newspaper clipping to me way back, but i couldn’t exactly remember if he’s a fan or he simply wanted to show it to me.

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